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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back to work/back to the future

After all the rain and wind lately we seem to be having a heatwave with the temperatures up in the middle to high 70F`s. Now hanging around for the next dental appointment and moving a few miles out of Nantwich in both directions is becoming boring. My preference over the last 6+ years has been to be what BW have tagged me, a Continuous Cruiser. I have been called worse and it`s better than Water Gypsy, traveller or Ditch crawler.  To me it`s like the `Back to the Future` films except we are not in a car. Instead we have a metal tube that takes us back 200 years travelling roads that in places have not changed with the passing of time. Roads well travelled but not by any wheel and never walked on, roads wet long after the rain stops falling. The future part is when we leave the quiet tranquil countryside and head back to the 21st Century and Tesco/Walmart. A few settings and key turns set us back on course  to the past, as Jaq says BLISS.

So that time of year again the sun is blazing down and the battle scars of the past years time travelling need to be healed. Find a quiet spot cut the rust away add a primer and as soon as the sun moves round and this side of the boat is in shade the top coat can be added.

While the sun slowly moves across time to watch others at work in the fields across the canal. They are harvesting the long grass to use as winter feed for livestock. For the American farmers Jaq and I know the tractors are John Deere and Case.

Hang on Jaq this blog is about people working. Oh! your on-line to your class. Sure does beat a campus classroom and they actually pay you. Lucky lucky girl. I can`t complain because the whole of this post has been typed out on the front deck just how Jaq is pictured including a drink. Bliss.

Now here come my witnesses blog readers Martyn and Sue out for a trip on Cherokee. They will vouch for how hard i was working. Last seen here in May 2009, 3years...Wow time flies.

Well at this moment we are back in Nantwich for the dentist Monday. I believe I have one more appointment so the plan is to head for Chester after Monday and get a bus back for the last appointment.


MartYn said...

Hi Les,
Yes we can vouch for how hard you were working and you can send the cheque you promised me to my home address. ;o)
It was great to meet Jaq at last and she is just as lovely 'in the flesh' as she appears to be when writing her blog.
Hope the dentist soon sorts you out and you can carry on with your continuous cruising which we know you both love.

Take care
MartYn n Sue xx
nb cherokee

Dragontatoo said...

Don't you just **love** the warmer weather?? I makes my heart sing! Love and miss you both bunches!

Les Biggs said...

Martyn and Sue,
It was great to cross paths with you both again and Jaq was pleased to make your acquaintance. Check is in the mail! :)
Les and Jaq

Les Biggs said...

Hi Jesse,
I do love the "warm weather;" I don't like hot weather like you have back in E. Washington. Mom has put us on a diet and is starving me so maybe you can feed us up when we see you in November.
Love LesXX

Hi Honey!
It's lovely hearing from you!! Warm weather indeed! It waas 77 degrees yesterday and I was miserable. I am ready for fall. :) As Les noted we are on diets now because we are getting too fat to fit down the hallway!
I miss you more than a fat kid misses cake!
Love Momma

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs