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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Will it Freeze?

I hope everyone likes the new blog layout. It had been my intention from before Jaq and I started life afloat for both of us to share the blog. In the early days Jaq was doing "So This is Love" and then went on to "From Where I Sit."

 Now I would guess a lot of you fellow retirees will agree that there seems to be a lack of hours in the day at times and we wonder how anything got done when holding down a job.
Jaq does do a few hours on line teaching writing to students via Washington Sate University but even after cutting this down a tad still never found time to do her blog.

My suggestion was to make Nb Valerie a joint blog as the posts do not need to be of great length like her own blog, so will not be too demanding of her time. Writers write, it`s what comes naturally but Jaq agrees boat blogs need to be a shorter length so another loving partnership has evolved, welcome to our blog.

Not sure how it will go but evidently Jaq will be putting on the odd recipe so I won`t say anything about the caramel cake I am scoffing as I type other than yummy!!!!!!!!

A very misty morning as we passed Barby marina. I have read a lot on the Internet of people paying in advance for  moorings only to arrive and find the facilities promised were not available. As perhaps this might end up as a legal battle I will not say anymore other than as the camera shows, unfinished pontoons and boats moored packed together. I suppose it will all be sorted out eventually. Not sure of your thoughts but I`m of the opinion that new marinas are far outpacing the number of boats coming on the water.

Today the ice is still around and with temperatures set to drop over the next few days the sight of this  boat crashing through the ice this morning was enough to cast off the ropes and move up to a very frozen water point. A kettle of hot water and the tap flowed; our tank filling, my wife and I (I love saying that!) over breakfast decided to get diesel and top up the coal stocks. So off we went to Lime Farm marina following the wet road through the ice left by the early morning boater. No sign of life when we arrived so kettle on while we waited and after a while Sarah returned on horseback having taking advantage of a quiet spell on the canal. No rush. It`s the life.

So now we are back at Newbold all stocked up for a few days while the weather makes it`s move.

1 comment:

SnowyOwl said...

Love the new style.....but I like the old one too!!

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs