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Friday, July 22, 2011


Well you can imagine who has a big smile on her face today. An excellent service even though it cost an extra $300 fast track fee on top of the $1149 basic cost.
Sent FedEx Tuesday, arrived New York Wednesday 2pm, approved Thursday noon, Passport and visa arrived back UPS Friday 11am

Just think in 2 years time we can go through all this again to get Jaq permanent leave to remain in the UK.

Out to dinner tonight, i think we deserve it at least Jaq does after all the hard work she put in to those binders.

Had a great day out Wednesday last involving amongst other things Osprey, but that`s another blog.


life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Woo Hoooo great news, well done you two! When are coming back to wallow in the rain with the rest of us? lol! Actually I am banking on the new Mr and Mrs bringing some sunshine back with them please. Take care.

Debbie x

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Home is closer every day. I do love you my darling water gypsy!
BIG hugs, Your wife

Mike Muir said...

Yea, Yea and thrice YEA!

eric wilson said...

Hi Les & Jaq,

Great news, all that time and effort, (not forgetting the EXPENSE!), bringing about the successful conclusion.

Now, maybe, you can relax a little.

Best wishes
Eric & Patsy

Alleycat said...

Fantastic! That's brilliant news, and so so quick - the extra you paid to fastrack it was worth every penny, saved a lot of anguish I'm sure.
I didn't realise this wasn't permanent though, never mind, it's just another bridge to cross (as opposed to going under them lol).
All the very best, looking forward to reading all about your lives back on board.
Regards, Aly

John Witts said...

Fantastic news!!!

It has cheered me up no end!

Hope you aren't both too hot and bothered by the heatwave.......

John and Jackie (wb Pippin)

Les Biggs said...

Hi Debbie
Plenty of sunshine here. Very little rain for weeks with temps reaching 93F.
Still to sort the house so probably be early Sept.

Les Biggs said...


Les Biggs said...

Mike Eric/Patsy Aly
Thank you all. The expense was worth it. The visa is leave to remain for 27 months and just before the expiry you apply for permanent residency.
Yes now we can relax as the build up and the wait for a decision has been tiring.

Les Biggs said...

Hi John/Jackie
We are dealing with the heat like all good Americans, Air Con and more Air Con.
Hope your feeling better.

KevinTOO said...

Hi Mr & Mrs B.
Just make sure you bring back some of that nice warm weather with you for the party I hope that you are now starting to plan for all your readers to get toether and celebrate your great news :)

Anonymous said...

Great news! Was worth the hassle eh? Hope you can both relax & enjoy yourselves now!


Carol said...

What a great relief for you both! Many many congratulations - enjoy your celebrations!

Les Biggs said...

Hi Heth and Carol
Yes a great relief getting the visa, all we need now is sell the house.
Both of us are home sick.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs