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Thursday, March 03, 2011


Getting under way from Napton after 3 weeks  felt good and my intention was to moor in Braunston for a few days to catch up on sleep. Even after crashing out for 15hrs the first night back my body clock still seemed dis-orientated with the 8 hrs time difference and arriving back earlier than the time i left the day before. I never did make Braunston as i decided why not spend a few days in the countryside, for those not living aboard this is one of the bonuses-city, town or farmland the choice is yours.

Anyway my body clock has adjusted with the help of a few daytime naps, the Wind Genny is up and putting in a few amps, the Satellite signal is good as is the Internet. I`ve food in the fridge freezer and a full tank of water so for now that other world can carry on while i enjoy some solitude in my world, ok so i share with a few thousand others but at the moment there`s just me in this particular spot.

The view out of the windows is of nothing but open fields, i`ve seen just two groups of walkers in the last 2 days and the only noise is from the Sparrows in the hedgerow and the odd duck. Boring you non boaters might think
but remember at the turn of the key i can be back in a town or city, you just don`t get that choice with bricks & mortar.
As you all know Jaq and I will be sharing our lives aboard NB Valerie in the near future. NO i am not going to say when as at the moment we are going through the motions with immigration sites here and in the States trying to figure out the best method of Jaq`s entry into the UK, choices are Fiancee or Spouse and all i will say at this time is keep reading the blog.
The bachelor life aboard has meant my not having to much of an issue with storage but that is due to change and one idea Jaq and I have decided is to move the fridge up on top of the worktop, after i re-locate the cupboard, and put the washing machine in it`s place. Also while i`m plumbing in the washer i`ll sort out a hot & cold fill. This will then free up some space in the rear of the boat for a full length wardrobe. I have some other ideas but will hold fire on those until Jaq`s visit in May when we she can let me know her opinion as they concern galley storage. This lady is a great cook and having sampled her dishes i`m for sure gonna make room for all her ingredients and cooking utensils.
My good friend Sue on board NO PROBLEM , Vic do you realise how lucky you are, has e mailed to say she has recovered most of my lost comments and will give them to me when we meet up shortly. This has put me in a very good mood as the loss of  all the best wishes you folks out there sent recently was to say the least a pain and i hope all being well they will be back in place soon.
Who Wants A Book, Just recently i was going through the dozens of blogs i read and also some i don`t read often enough. The thing is someone mentioned their looking for a missing title in the Ian Rankin Rebus series. I commented on their blog i might have the book, Hanging garden, i think, but my mind being either jet lagged or loved up, not sure which as i can`t even remember when this was, means i have no idea whose blog it was. So if the blogger or anyone else remembers reading the particular post please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les

It was us from NB Lazy Days, the book we were after was ' A question of Blood ' but we now have it as it was in one of the charity shops in Berkhamsted. Thanks anyway.

Alan and Frances

Les Biggs said...

Fantastic, thanks for the quick reply as it has been bugging me for a few days now.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs