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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Before you read this post maybe you should read the comments left on the "Black Weekend" entry.

First and most important is my Grandson Jack who is upset by the picture of the truck pulling the boat out for blacking. Well Jack as grandad explained Friday when you visited me i did not look closely at the picture when i put it on the blog and yes you are right it `s not very nice little fella, and i am glad you are being brought up by parents who are teaching you the rights and wrongs of the world.

Thanks to JO, yes be nice to meet you again and hope you get going soon. Also LES D i am sure we will meet i estimate early next year.

The longest comment from "annon" is the one that caught my eye and yes i agree that from your side of the fence the blog would appear to be going downhill. It would seem you have been reading the blog for sometime weather you have commented in the past i don`t know as you remain "annon". That of course is your right.

Have you read the lines at the top of the page that state i do not blog daily but as and when etc.

When travelling far and wide during the summer i see and do many things and just a few i decide to blog, i decide being the words i would like you to appreciate. I would also like you to remember i am retired and after 45 years of working the last thing i want is to be tied to any routine even one as small as doing a blog.

I don`t know who the other bloggers are who agree with you to the extent they don`t read the blog anymore but by the phone calls and e mails i recieve from blogger friends i know it is still read by many people.

The decline in comments you mention is correct but it doesn`t worry me as i also get e mails re many of the blogs and in fact got 3 e mails on the blacking blog.

You mention the "Non important" blogs, by this do you mean things like power saving and the wind genny? If so then i must tell you i recieve e mails asking for more info from fellow boaters and people who are thinking of starting a new life afloat so although these blogs are of no importance to you personally some people take an interest.

So summing up, i am sorry you have been dissapointed of late but please take in what i have said above and by all means comment on this blog or e mail me if you prefer.

This years plans have been spoilt by the summer flooding and i have spent longer moored in places than normal. The boat blacking at Cow Roast Marina meant being tied to a timetable and in fact i arrived 2 weeks before hand. Now i am in the Hemel area and have been for the last 12 days. This time of year always brings me south as i spend christmas with family in Herts/Beds.

Plan at the moment is go into London and back to this area for the Christmas hols.

Some of my blogger friends moor up and travel to family for this time of year but as i can travel by boat near to mine it does mean this bit of canal becomes very familiar.

Next years thoughts, not plans, are maybe to travel across East Anglia through N` hampton, Peterborough, St Ives but at the moment just thoughts as with this life you can decide on the spur of the moment.
So should i keep blogging. Tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...


Just blog when you feel the need, the kids are always looking at Sue's No Problem in between so are never bored with their reading information on the canals.Dont forget to do your blog on solo boating though as it will be interesting for anyone wishing to do the same.

Jack said "respect grandpa for your reply"

PS Annon.... if the non important blogs bother you don't read it in the first place

Anonymous said...

Most definitely - YES. Particularly when you find those history clues which you dig into. Fascinating stuff.

Sue said...

Of course you should keep blogging. I enjoy your blogs, they are different to 'diary type'.. very informative from you Les, and I am sure many others will agree with me.

What you find out there wandering about is very interesting, I am always amazed what is 'behind the wall' but you always manage to find it!

Blimey Jack has got good eyesight hasn't he? The tractor driver looks like he is waving!

Keep doing what you enjoy Les, and keep doing the blog the way that you do it pretty please xx


Anonymous said...

I think your Blogs are always interesting and informative,i for one enjoy reading them and as somebody still thinking of a Narrow boat follow your blog regularly please do not give up.

Anonymous said...

I put a comment on the 'Black weekend' but just to make sure - You keep on blogging, as and when YOU wish. You have a refreshingly different style and approach to your blog and it is most enjoyable!
Lesley K

Unknown said...

KEEP BLOGGING!!! But only when it suits you. I know what I would rather do!!!

Anonymous said...

you MUST keep blogging I don't always comment but always read and enjoy. Keep it up

Les Biggs said...

Hi Maureen
I`ll blog as and when if you will comment the same.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs