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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Out of Gas St. Basin onto the Worcester & Birmingham Canal through Edgbaston and pass the Univercity of Birmingham just 4 lock free miles brings us to Bournville.
Now anybody that knows me will realise there`s no chance of me passing a chocolate factory without stopping.
B.W. Have provided offside moorings that a BW key is needed for access but sadly only room for 3 boats. Must be hell in the peak months although of course there is the towpath side but this is not one of the best areas to leave your boat un-attended.
So we did the tour of Cadbury World and with the voucher collected on admission paid a visit to the factory shop. Now this factory shop is not in the visitor complex but nearer the railway stn you pass from the moorings. This is the shop that Cadbury staff use and is full of bargains, so don`t miss it.
Those that know me would be surprised if not shocked that i would pass this buiding and not stop. True Bev?

Now hands up all those who`s mouths are watering.

This life size chocolate statue of Elton John is in a temprature controlled cabinet to keep it in good condition and to stop chocoholics like me picking bits off.

This is one of the chocolate street scenes shown in the commercial breaks on Coronation St.
It is actually made of plastercine.


Sue said...

I have not been to that place, but it sure is on my list of 'must doos'.. It does look Yummy indeed.. That is a defo visit me thinks with the grandchildren. I don't know who would have more fun, them or me!!! Sue

Les Biggs said...

Sure was yummy Sue, and now my grandchildren will want to see g`dad when they find out about the goodies on board.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dad, saw your comment about the Yummy Yummy Chocolate and I hope you have lots left by the time you reach us, Jack said he loves chocolate too and hopes you bring him Lots & Lots. Jordan is Starting her Dance class tomorrow (sat 14th oct) and is really really excited about it. Jack is going to have his Birthday Party 2nd Dec hope you make it as he's having a Magician.Lots of Love to you hope you haven't put that much weight on since visiting the chocolate factory (fat chance of that) jordan says she's really misses you and can't wait to see you, bye for now, speak soon, LOVE YOU, from the BIGGSYS.

Les Biggs said...

No one misses you lot more than me.Jordan starting dance classes, seems only 5 mins ago she was swinging in that baby swing in the garden. WOW time goes so quick.
PS Jack, I have some nice choccy for you.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs