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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Now every boat show has to have some form of organisation and this year British Waterways have enlisted two undercover mooring wardens.

These two are among many being craned in over the last 2 days.

Above two of the more unusual crick visitors.

Well have been here at Crick for 10 days. It has been very quiet and wet apart from today the sun has been out all day. While i have been lazing about have at least managed to do a few boaty things (not to much you understand----narrowboaters do it s l o w ) At least the boat has had a good clean and the engine oil changed. Also had a bus ride into Rugby and looked in on the museum of rugger. A good day out dodging the showers. Lots of boats on the reserved moorings that they have paid a lot of money for are getting into the party spirit with bunting hanging from bow to stern and of course the barbie is set up, all they need is the weather to stay dry. Had a few walks via the show site and i can warn any car drivers arriving for the show you could be in for a hard time on the car park as the field it`s on is very muddy. If the weather stays wet as forcast then it could be a big problem by sunday/monday as i am sure cars will get bogged down.

Will try and get more pics if our two mooring wardens let me near the show site.

Crick marina have put in a planning application for 83 more berths, these to be on the site of the adjacent now closed down garden centre.


Anonymous said...

Gawd, you must have gone back to the pneumatic Carly eh? I've heard it's a total mudbath at Crick and that there is a fire nearby?

Unknown said...

Ha I remember Crick alright. It took me 2 hours to drive from Crewe then 2 hours from junction 18 to the car park.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs