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Monday, July 23, 2018

Boat and Trains

This is a Les post. It is something Les would have written and shared. This post comes out of an email to a friend who wondered about where one could catch a train near the canal. Obviously this list is not comprehensive and does not include all the canals. These are the places Les and I sussed out on our cruises in order for us to make our way back down to visit family or to attend medical appointments in London. I hope this will be helpful for some folks. Jaq xxx

Coventry Canal:
Coventry (Basin)
Bedworth (Bridge 13 or 14, 20 minute walk)
Atherstone (Bridge 43)
Polesworth (Bridge 54 15 minute walk)
Tamworth (Bonehill Rd. Bridge; walk into industrial estate and catch Arriva Bus 65 or 16 at Etchell Rd and Ventura Park by the Volkswagon dealer)

Grand Union:
Hemel Hempstead
Tring cutting, (Bridge 135)
Leighton Buzzard
Fenny Stratford
Milton Keynes (Campbell Park)
Long Buckby

G.U./Warwick line:
Leamington Spa (Bridge 41 or 42)
Warwick (There are 2 stations: Saltisford Arm. It is a 15 minute walk from the Arm; moor up by the pedestrian footbridge across from Warwick Hospital. Walk over the bridge and catch the X17 at Scar Bank across the street from the hospital. It runs every 15 minutes and drops off just adjacent to the RR station)
Hatton Lock Flight bottom, bridge 26; five minute walk to Norther Rail station)
Hatton village (Bridge 56)
Lapworth (Bridge 65 G.U. canal, five minute walk)

N. Oxford Canal:
Napton (Catch bus 665 in to Leamington Spa and walk five minutes to the rail station)
Clifton (Bridge 66. Walk up the lane to Butler's Leap bus stop. Catch the bus in to Rugby town and another one to the station))
Rugby (Bridge 58, walk down the Black path past the Tesco and catch a bus into town and another one to the Station)
Newbold (Bridge 58. Catch the 585 bus at the Crown pub in to Rugby town center. CAtch us 4 at Stand N to the Rugby RR station)
Brinklow (Bridge 35; walk in to the village, about 15 minutes. Catch the 585 bus to Rugby or catch the same bbus in the opposite direction to go to Coventry)
Ansty (Bridge ; Catch the 74 bus to Coventry at the Rose & Castle pub. Get off at the Coventry Grove Stand stop CU5; 15 minute walk to Coventry rail station)

Trent & Mersey (northern from Fradley):
Rugeley (Bridge 66; there are 2 stations but only one--on the same side of the cut as Morrisons, will take you south towards London)
Wolseley Bridge (Bridge 70. Moor up here and catch the 825 bus to Rugeley and walk five minutes to the rail station)
Stone (10 minute walk to Stone rail station from lock 29 at Newcastle Road)

Staff & Worcs (Eastern edge):
Penkridge (Bridges 84 to 86)

Stratford on Avon Canal (northern section beginning at Kingswood Junction):
Lapworth village (Bridge 35 moor in the pound between locks 19 and 19. Walk up Old Warwick Rd. left on Station Lane. Ten minute walk from the canal)
Dickens Heath (foot Bridge 13. Catch the S3 bus to Solihull Station. Take the Chiltern RR to London's MarleyBone Station)


Roger said...

Cheddington station isn't too far from Pitstone Wharf on the GU South.

Catherine H said...

Thanks Jaq, Planning a future holiday to include towpath walks, this is just what I needed.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs