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Monday, October 10, 2016

Recent Visitors

Understandably there have been many visitors to the boat in the last two months that we have been back down on the southern Grand Union. It really is lovely to see everyone but it did get a bit overpowering and very tiring. So the solution was to keep a diary. This had to include not just friends and family but nursing staff from hospice and my GP surgery even the GP`s visits had to be listed. Also added to the list were me and Jaq`s trips out for instance several trips to the local cinema and various lunch dates plus my trips out sourcing bits and bobs for the little boat jobs I was slowly completeing.

It works just fine and now at a glance we can see if a particular day or run of days is becoming exceptionally busy. Having said that it`s always nice to see folk but some pre contact would be most appreciated.
Daughter-in-law Joanne with grandchildren Lena May, Kiernan, and Kiera.
My son Kevin and his partner Adele
Tony and Helen from NB Holderness.
Above, daughter-in-law Bev and grandson Jack; below is granddaughter Jordan and her boyfriend.

Marilyn and David off NB Waka Huia and to the right George and Carol off WB Still Rockin.
Robert who owned WB Wind in the Willows, moved to Brasil and married his heart's love, Maria. To have him turn up during a UK visit was fantastic to say the least.
Daughter-in-law Ozlem
Grandsons Batu and Teo.
Andy and Tina, ex cruising partners from my solo boating days and now very dear friends, on one of our many get-together dinners.

Sue off WB No Problem XL who took the trouble to travel by train from the River Thames. Thank you Sue.
All the pictures of me are no more than two weeks old so don't shy off thinking I'm wasting away and you're likely being greeted by some version of me from the past. Yes a little bit of weight loss but nothing drastic.


Anonymous said...

How lovely to see you even if by remote viewing!!!


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Looking good, Les.
Isn't it lovely to know people care? And, mate, you and Jaq make it easy for people to show that they care about you - your openness and sharing about what you have been through and are going through generates the love and caring - it's what could be called reciprocity: now isn't that a great word!?
Biggs hugs to you both, and much love, friends, M&Dxox

Antinady said...

There's some pretty dodgy looking characters there!!! I am of course referring to yours truly xxx
Hope you both got a good rest today.
Speak to you soon and hope to visit before too long too xxx
Love as always to you both xxx

Bryce Lee said...

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When those family members expire or perhaps move to great distances away,
something "you" recall when they are in the photograph with
you allows time and distance to disappear.
They are right there, with you. Right now!

Mind the latest collection could be determined as
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Just look at the police.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs