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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Good ideas and observatios along the cut.

Passing through Hawkesbury Junction we are now on the Coventry canal and are heading to Stoke Golding on the Ashby canal to collect two parcels. One is the new fuel pump that is coming from Amazon to a click and collect point that happens to be the small village post office. The other is for Jaq and will be arriving at the same post office via poste restante, very convenient.
A second reason for the Ashby trip is I have an appointment with a Chiropractor in Hinckley. After months of suffering Jaq has convinced me to give it a try and after some sleepless nights and pain pill swallowing I have agreed. 
At the top the Navigation pub as a closed wreck in 2012. Now with a side extension it has become a nice home.
In the 1881 census the landlord was a George Fife. He and wife Lucy had 5 children the eldest 13 and the youngest was a 1yr old named Cinderella, and i always thought unusual names was a 20th Century fashion of some 100 years later.

I saw the boater wash the dogs down alongside the boat and liked the idea. It`s housed in a fire extinguisher cupboard from Midland Chandlers.

This curved vacuum pipe reached up to suck all the leaves and debris out of the gutters. No ladders or scaffold needed and it all fits in a tiny van.

Anyone seen a CRT man standing on the towpath with radar gun in hand.

Just as far as Sutton Wharf this trip as the Ashby canal was not part of the plan.
All around us are new borns. Calves and lambs in the fields, ducklings and Moorhen chicks are everywhere. Even the Swans are now parading their cygnets. Plenty of pictures of new borns appear on blogs and we were in Warwick when we saw our first ducklings back in March. I hear-by claim a first in spotting this electricity pylon along the Ashby out with it`s young pylonette. If serious about pylons and their young you must join this club. 
Now when you were kids hands up all those who were told Cows laid down because they were tired. You were wrongly informed. My Mum said it was a sign of rain and the Cows were laying down to keep their space dry before the rains came.


locheriboll said...

My Mum told me the cows laid down before rain too 😊


Jennie said...

Yes I was also told cows lay down before it rains! Parents have a lot to answer for!

That is some house and someone has spent an awful lot of money, but I am sure it is stunning inside. Jennie

Carol said...

My mum always said that if the cows were lying down it was going to rain, but it didn’t always!!

Les Biggs said...

Ladies we must all agree mum knows best.
Those cows, talking bovine, are very wise because mum also said don't lay on wet grass. I think that was because of the grass stains on my trousers.
Les x

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs