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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A bit of help needed

Jaq is making good progress but finds the exercises grueling but appreciates they are the answer to getting fully mobile.
Pain seems to be easing as she finds the need to take less of the Morphine liquid to back up the regular pain meds so that is a sign things are improving. 
The 40 staples closing the incision closed are to be removed Tuesday next so another step up the ladder to recovery.

We have had friends, readers and fellow bloggers, you know who you are, help with things like diesel and gas etc and offers from many others. A big thank you to every one of you.

Now a bit of help for two blog readers who have E-mailed the request below. As Jaq or I have never ventured along the K and A we are at a loss to give any advice to Betsy and Ian so fellow boaters and hirers help is needed.
If you offer advice via comments I can publish them but if you have any lengthy suggestions use my e-mail and I will forward them on. 
Any links to boat companys will make life easier for your fellow readers.

Hello, and hope all are recovering well! We are an American
 couple (husband born in England but moved to US at age 8), and we are 
trying to plan a canal boat holiday for this summer. We have family in 
Winchester, south of London, so we have been looking at the Kennet and 
Avon route, so that we might have a chance to visit them. We are looking
 for about 5 days on the water. 
One company has suggested a 
route between Bath and Bradford on Avon, stopping before the Canal Hill 
locks and return, but we had the idea that the east side of the big 
locks would be more scenic. Can you counsel us on this? We are really 
operating blind being that we are so far away and don’t’ have any 
knowledge of the waterways. 
Also, can you recommend a canal boat rental company on the Kennet and Avon route?
We are so appreciative of any information and advice you can share with us.
Thank you,
Betsy and Ian E


Tom and Jan said...

My tuppence after cruising the K&A in 2015.

There are more attractive and easier canals to have a holiday on. It's a small country compared to the USA so travelling to the canal shouldn't be a significant issue. If it has to be the K&A then IMHO the west of Caen Hill locks is more attractive.

Dave said...

We haven't done west of Caen Hill so can't comment, but in 2015 we started at The Barge Inn at Honey Street and cruised towards Hungerford.
It would have been an easy 5 days cruise but we had to turn back early due to problems with one of the locks.
we found that although its scenic it was very shallow near the towpath and at times we found it very hard to find moorings for the night, not because they were full, just that we couldn't get in close enough.
Other than that not too bad, quite a few pubs serving good food/beer the odd shop in villages for supplies etc.
Ours was a borrowed private boat but we passed several Moonraker boats and they looked very nice

TBH from Winchester i would either head to Newbury and hire there or if they haven't had any canal experience before head to Reading and hire a boat on the thames.

Boatwif said...

We too cruised the K&A in 2015 (and, coincidentally, met Tom and Jan in a couple of places!) We found the western end of the canal, Bristol to Devizes, impossibly crowded and difficult for mooring. We had known the K&A some years ago and really like the Crofton to Aldermaston section (eastern side of the summit). There is a hire boat company at Aldermaston Another option might be to get to Stratford-upon-Avon where Valley Cruises is based on a stunning (narrow) canal.
Good luck with planning for an inland waterways boat trip in the UK.
Sue / Boatwif /nb Cleddau

Judith nb Serena said...

I would agree with Tom and Jan, we much prefered the west of Devizes. You must visit the Tythe Barn at Bradford on Avon. There's a hire base at Foxhangers wharf below Caen Hill locks. Hope you enjoy your visit.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs