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Monday, January 25, 2016

Another NHS visit

Still on the hospital tour of the UK last week saw me as an inpatient of Warwick hospital. Same problem of the Stoma becoming blocked.

 The first 20 months of my life with a Stoma went by with no problems but since last summer I have had four three keeping me in hospital. This last one was four days.
 According to the surgeon keeping an eye on me it is the scar tissue from my two major ops that is causing the problem. He did recommend reversing the Stoma but at the moment other things medical need to be seen too.

 One of which of course is Jaq's knee replacement surgery tomorrow Tuesday. We are moored across from the hospital so getting there at 7am and my visiting couldn't be easier.

I am sure Jaq will have good care in the hospital as my experience was wonderful. From the minute I walked into Accident and Emergency in agony the treatment was excellent and swift. It took them 12 minutes to put in a Cannula and give me Morphine. Only then did reception come for my details. I was told off for not calling an ambulance but when I set off along the towpath from Radford to catch two buses I felt only severe discomfort.
The staff were first class, just can't praise them enough.


Herbie Neil said...

It's nice that Jaq can go into the hospital feeling confident. Hope all goes well and she is soon on the road to recovery.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Tom and Jan said...

Hope the operation goes well tomorrow Jaq. Looking forward to the photos of you playing ice hockey!

Tom & Jan

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Jaq. Prayers for tomorrow. X


antinady said...

Hi guys,

Did send text earlier wishing you all the best for tomorrow - don't know if you got it?

Can you please text with ward/room details and visiting times so we can pop in if you feel up to it later in the week.

Les, keep us updated please.

Love n hugs

Tina & Andy

Sue said...

Thinking of you both xx

Judith nb Serena said...

All the best for Jaq tomorrow, hope all goes well and she'll soon be back on board with you. Take care both.
Judith and John nb Serena.

Mike Muir said...

Good luck, both of you. Nice to be close to the facilities you need.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs