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Thursday, December 24, 2015

That time of year again.

A year can be so short or so long depending on how you measure it. As parents of young children you think ouch! Christmas here again, already. Perhaps a loved one passed away at this time of year or it`s the birthday of someone special no longer around to tell that you love them. My mum`s birthday is Boxing Day the 26th and she has been gone 30+ years. Perhaps if cancer hadn`t taken her she might have still been around in her nineties.
My measurement of a year at this festive time is that it`s now my third Christmas since Cancer came to stay. Christmas 2013 saw me recovering from bowel surgery, 2014 recovering from liver surgery and now in 2015 the tests are looking good but time will tell.

Nb Valerie is loaded with some extra supplies and at this present moment we await the rain to move on so we can cruise the few miles to a peaceful location.

Tonight the International Space Station will pass over the UK and will be visible for about 3 minutes, cloud permitting. About 5.20pm it will come from the south and disappear to the West. So get the little ones wrapped up and tell them it`s Santa getting the reindeer  warmed up and they should get ready for bed.

Jaq and I send our best wishes to you all wherever you are in the world, whatever your beliefs and hope that the future will bring good health to your lives.

Before we go below is a Christmas card from two of the grand kids that I have altered. It`s that festive game of charades so all you have to do is guess what film Santa is miming.

Answers on a comment, sorry no prizes. Health and happiness everyone.


Dave Winter said...

Gone with the wind.

Have a lovely christmas both and a peaceful and Happy New Year.

Dave Winter

Les Biggs said...

No Dave, the 3 pics of Santa. What you refer to is a badge meant to be worn by grandad.
But must give a point for effort anyway.

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

No idea what the film is, Les, but hope that you and Jaq have a lovely time during this festive season. Stay healthy and happy. Love and hugs, Marilyn and David xox

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Have a good Christmas all our Love Beryl & Dave Nb Sokai

Unknown said...

"Before we go below is a Christmas card from two of the grand kids that I have altered."

You have altered the grand kids?
Naughty boy!
Merry Christmas

Ken and Sheena said...

Hiya Les and Jaq. Hope you've got your feet up by a toasty fire. All the best for 2016. Cheers!

Les Biggs said...

Thanks everyone. Our intention is to spend a week at least without moving after what has been a busy month of appointments and other reasons to be somewhere at a particular time.
All the best to everyone the world over.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs