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Friday, August 15, 2014

Stoke Breurne and Blisworth Tunnel

Stoke Breurne has changed it`s visitor moorings. As we came up through the lock flight we noticed that even the very bottom past the water point was 2 days, WHY. This is far from the busy tourist/gongoozlers area around the museum and pubs above the top lock.
We moored two locks below the museum area in a 7 day section, was 14 days originally, intending to stay for one night. Three hours later we both decided it just didn`t feel right with signs everywhere that seemed to be saying;  "ok so your here and don`t think about staying to long, also forget any ideas about staying too long in the area in the next month." You got the feeling all these signs had cameras watching you.

Mooring in the zones is free for the published time.  An extended stay charge of £25 (including VAT) per day applies if …
  • you do not move on after the maximum stay time within any one of the zones between Blisworth Tunnel and the welcome sign below the towpath footbridge (bridge 54b).
  • you stay longer than 7 consecutive days between Blisworth Tunnel and the welcome sign below the towpath footbridge (bridge 54b) , or
  • you spend more than 14 days between Blisworth Tunnel and the welcome sign below the towpath footbridge (bridge 54b) during any calendar month
The area is visited daily by visitor mooring rangers, volunteering on behalf of the Canal & River Trust, who record your boat number.  Extended stay charges will be invoiced monthly and recorded on your boat licence account.

 Not being great lovers of busy moorings Jaq took the tiller and we climbed the last two locks and Jaq steered into her first tunnel. Four boats came through towards us and Jaq passed each one perfectly, no scrapes or bangs.
Just a very short piece of video as I had to get back on the stern in case Jaq needed help, turned out I could have sat inside and read the paper. 

Exiting the tunnel on the Blisworth side it was good to see the old Tunnel Hut had been restored. When you click the link above take a look at the links within the site. Scroll to
section on the interior Murals and make sure you read the instructions before clicking the `VIEW` link. Enjoy.


Adam said...

I reckon the signs explain why there's never a problem getting a mooring in Stoke Bruerne now. Apparently the pubs are also complaining of fewer visitors.

Did you spot the side shaft in the tunnel? If not, you'll need to go through again!

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Jaq and Les, Was Stoke Bruerne a site that had a continuous moorer problem resulting in this seemingly zealous signage?
Well done, Jaq, on dealing to the tunnel! I don't mind the steering through them, I just hate being underground ... Three tunnels coming up for us in the next few weeks, depending how far south we get (Harecastle, Braunston and Blisworth) and the latter two, twice ... Mxox

Chas and Ann said...

If you belong to NABO please be kind enough to tell them about the mooring restrictions. They are campaigning about such changes which may be illegal.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Adam
Yes saw the shaft. Never seen so few boats moored at S B even at the top only 3/4 boats moored all the way to the tunnel.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Marilyn
Never noticed cont moorers around S. Breurne. Always was a busy place so perhaps that s the reason but think they have overeacted.overheated

Les Biggs said...

Hi Chas
They are already aware. As you well know there are many nicer places to Moore and spend money so let S. Breurne watch as the boats pass by.
Best wishes to Ann

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs