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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A bit of medical, shopping, smoking and followers.

A few things to blog about but first the most important one that has given us a little more freedom to roam.

Just this week I attended the Urology clinic for my post surgery check. For the last 28 days I have had a catheter draining into a leg bag that together with the stoma bag gave me the nickname `Bag Man`.

This clinic appointment was to remove the catheter, yippee, and teach me the art of intermittent self-catheterisation. I won`t provide a link but must point out my need to do this is not to drain the bladder but to dilate the urethra that was enlarged in the surgery. All H2O systems are functioning 100% and likewise I feel 100% fit.

Men, if this makes your eyes water, believe me it`s easy and painless. I need to do this daily at first then less and less until it becomes fortnightly. Beats more surgery or back to the bag.

So now we can cruise away from Watford as the next medical appointment is June 9th to see the surgeon about a reversal of the stoma; a bus trip is preferable to staying in the same area. Mind you we are not holding our breath as this has been cancelled twice already.

I do love shopping with Jaq. She makes her list on-line, selects her delivery slot, place and time. We don`t need a bus and I do not need to traipse up and down the aisles of the Supermarket.

We got down to the water point at the start of our one hour delivery slot and just 40 minutes later just as the water tank finished filling, along came Mr. Tesco`s van. Its so convenient that the access to the lock cottage was here. Jaq opened the side hatch and many bags entered directly into the galley.

Next on the list is the third anniversary of me giving up smoking. I always said I smoked because I enjoyed it and gave it up without any aids other than a twiddler that occupied my hands when the urge arose.
It was when Jaq came over for three weeks before we both returned to the U.S. to get married. The night before I put my tobacco on the shelf next my chair and it eventually got thrown out months later. If you need to test your resolve just leave temptation close by.

We currently have 108 registered blog followers. Thank you all. Many often pass and shout out "we read your blog" when we are not prepared to write down the  names of their boats.

Today was different, as I was waiting for the Tesco man to call. I had the camera in hand,and the crew aboard Voyager have the honor of representing all the followers who have passed by over the years.

Two other followers passed by in the last week shouting `we read your blog.` One was Etoile du Nord and another slipped by too quickly but Jaq believes it had a Welsh name. So if you recently passed through the Cassiobury Park area then a big hi! to you both. 


Mike on GARNET said...

Well, good news, Les. I'm sure Jaq is happy about it!
Oh, do we need to shout :we read...." next time we pass?
Saw an "Etoille du Nord" last Fall in Napton, a cream coloured "narrow Dutch" barge, was this it?

jercher said...

This is great news! We're glad to hear that you are doing so well! Hope there are no rotating surgery dates this time. Know you will make the most of your freedom to roam!!
Love & hugs,
C & J

Les Biggs said...

Hi Mike
Hope you are both well. read recently of your solo cruise, impressed.
No you don`t need to shout anything as you pass other than `are you stopping for a cuppa`.

Les Biggs said...

Hi C/J
good to hear from you Pullmanites.
All good news at the moment.
Nothing will get us down. We stand together against all comers, can`t beat love.

Les Biggs said...

I have just deleted 3 comments because my big fingers danced across the smart phone.
Below are the replies.

Les Biggs said...

Thank you, nice to be free to cruise a wider area.

Les Biggs said...

I do hope we meet as you cruise the canals.
Strange you should comment as just yesterday I was in a long conversation with some New Zealanders on Nb WHIO.
Have a safe and pleasant flight on Monday.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Bryce
Yes for sure my giving up smoking in exchange for Jaq was the bargain of a lifetime.
Keep well

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Les and Jaq, I am aware there are quite a few NZers and Australians cruising the cut - there is a obviously something that draws us.
We're starting off at Sawley Marina (new batteries being fitted prior to our arrival), getting in some river practice with experienced friends first up - we've had plenty of canal work in 20 years of hiring, but one spooky experience on the Avon below Bath back in about 2002 and have avoided them since, so need to lay that ghost to rest! Not sure where we're going apart from to a former B&B guest's 70th birthday party at Stalybridge in mid-July. It will be a luxury to wander without a time constraint!
Am now going to look up nb Whio before getting up for brekkie!
Cheers, Marilyn and David

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hi Les and Jaq, lovely to hear your doing well Les! I love that Tesco's delivered through your hatch, that is so cool!! I have been very lax in the blog department of late, but I am keeping tabs on the non smoker and the lovely American lady ;)Your post's are so interesting, thank you:)

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs