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Monday, April 28, 2014

Odds and sods

I took this picture of an exhibit in the Tate Modern, London. Britain`s national gallery of international modern art.
Having never been in there it was curiosity that drew me in.
Now this is just some metal air ducting sections bolted together and below are two items quickly found on the net from suppliers catalogs.
Help me out here please. If anyone can bolt these parts together why is this an exhibit? No skill and very little design as the parts match as in industrial set ups so can only go one way to transfer air flow around a building.

Now this is art. Made of glass and contains who knows how many hours/days of work that went into it`s making. This shouts at me skill, thought and creativity.
The so called piece of art at the top of page to me says the builders have gone to lunch and left the next section leaning against the wall ready to install.

Psst! anyone want to buy some fenders cheap.

They are everywhere along the Thames

Pedibus is one way to see London. Takes 12 people at £22 ($34) who as you can see all have a set of pedals. It has two small solar panels that provide power for lights and sound system.

Quite a few of these pop up urinals appearing on London streets. This one at Paddington was doing what it shouldn`t. They should be below ground and only raise for overnight use.

Three  stalls can be used at the same time and it`s plumbed into the sewage system.

Now isn`t this a case of sexual discrimination as I find no plans for a ladies version although perhaps there might be scope for extra design.
Perhaps one that allows the lady to push a button and disappear below ground.
Only problem I see is that like the `mile high` club this will become the six foot down club.


Anonymous said...

The metal ducting art exhibit looks like the new CRT water points!


Charm said...

The installation that meets your conception of art, Les, may be the work of an artist based on Washington State: Dale Chuhily. Tacoma, Washington has a museum of his work because he is based in the area (or was). Washington State University has several pieces as well, thanks to his proximity to us.

You would have to check to see if I am correct that it is Chuhily's work.

Wozie nb Oakfield said...

Luvly Jubbly, was there anyone steering the pedibus?
I didn't like your sugestion that the ladies should pee 6 foot underground, very scary, beam me up Scottie!

Les Biggs said...

Alistair, yes you are so right

Les Biggs said...

You are 100% right. It is Chihuly`s work.
Jaq and I visited the Tacoma museum of glass. The bridge of glass leading into the museum is all his work.
PS I seem to have deleted a previous comment from you. Sorry but my big fingers and a smart phone do not mix.

Les Biggs said...

I was thinking they need more privacy than us blokes.
Yes the Pedibus had a steerer/guide.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I rather like the duct work, it is out of place, unexpected, and a puzzlement. All good. Anyone could do ithis work but he actually did. As for the Chihulup - same ol same ol. Nothing new from his shop in years. Great skill required yes, but I no longer find them intersting.
Karen back in Pullman finally.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs