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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jaq loose in London

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Horse guards parade. He looked at Jaq as if to say "at least try and look tall if you must pose with me" or can you give a better caption?

 Free entry to all the museums amazes Jaq.

Big Ben never closes but the Abbey was when we finally arrived so it was a walk through St Jame`s park instead.

Protesters opposite the Houses of Parliament entrance not that the MP`s would take any notice as they came in and out. As long as their taxpayer funded life style is ok and they can get away with fraud then all is well for them......i`ll stop while i am still being polite about that bunch of parasites of whatever party.

 Buckingham Palace another tax payers.......oh just let me get back to the canals and away from London where i can`t see or think about it.

St. Pauls Cathedral surrounded by protesters, what or whom they protest for i neither know or care. Sorry but it`s my way of dealing with the crazy world and making my last years amongst it all as pleasant as possible ie don`t live in it and pretend the country is one big waterway. Believe me it works, i`ve never been so relaxed as these last 6 years.

Down by old father Thames. Just behind Jaq is the Millenium bridge and in the far distance can be seen Tower Bridge, the one the Americans thought they had when purchasing the old London Bridge.

Well I can only bear this week we are in London because of the lady I married. It`s noisy and full of people rushing here and there. I have trudged around art gallery's and museums and past the sights i grew up with(born in Paddington) but you can`t do enough for someone you love so i can just enjoy the peace and quiet on the boat each night. Very hard to believe we are deep in London here in the basin with just the odd distant siren to break the silence.
We have 2 shows lined up for our last nights here so that is something I am looking forward to.


antinady said...

Caption suggestions:-

'Hey lady - you got something nice to eat in your backpack?'

'Would you mind tucking your balls away while out in public!'

'I HAVE to stand here - what's your excuse?'

Glad you appear to be having fun, but know where Les coming from about the hustle and bustle - enjoy the shows xx

eric said...


Jaq's thought maybe? I know the song 'Lady in Red', but this is ridiculous!

Pleased the Winter is a bit kinder, (so far!), for Jaq's first year.

Still cruising along by proxy, best wishes for a happy Christmas,
Eric & Patsy

Mike Muir said...

Caption "Hee, Hee, I wonder how long it will take people to notice that I am standing on a small hill, and they are in a hole!"

Had the same bunch of loudmouthed (different accents, is all) camped out in most of our larger cities. Old man winter has persuaded most of them to leave, and the constabulary assisted the rest.
Mike in Garnet, Canada

Amy said...

How long are you in London for? I'm in the city quite frequently if you have any time in schedule for visitors!

We really enjoyed Paddington Basin and London boating but couldn't have stuck it for too long, far too noisy! But then again, if I had to live in the Big Smoke it would only ever be on a boat!


Lucky Duck

Les Biggs said...

leaving on the 14th heading to Uxbridge.

Del and Al said...

Glad you're having a fab time, and enjoy the shows! x

Les Biggs said...

Good captions but sorry no prizes.

So many shows to choose from, took up your tip for tickets,thanks.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs