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Friday, November 11, 2011

Slap my wrists

This rubbish being loaded into the tipper at Wolverton is i guess the result of the IWA mid October clean up of the canal between Fenny Stratford and Wolverton.

Just love this time of year with the towpath changing colour almost daily.

Another sad sight so soon after the burnt out cruiser at Stoke Bruerne. This was to the north side of Milton Keynes near  Linford and the guys on the towpath are doing a great job of laying a new hard surface.

This is the view from nb Valerie looking towards Fenny Stratford lock. I would say at a pinch 2 more boats could fit in here 3 if all those BW boats hadn`t been there. Now we arrived in the dark here as Jaq had an appointment the following morning with the Chiropractor after suffering a kink in her neck that gave her vertigo. (all ok now)
Now the point i`m trying to make is these are 24 hr moorings and was all that was available and as you can see we have only BW for company. We decided to make use of the local shops and get on board not just food but diy bits from BQ.
 We overstayed by 36hrs but the reason i did was because of those BW boats, anyway after 6yrs i got my first letter, from a mooring warden, telling me what a bad boy i was and a report is on it`s way to the  local BbbbbbbbbbWwwwwwww, sorry shaking with fright, office.
Anyway we moved through the lock and moored 500yds down on the 14 day moorings. It was only the fact that BW could have moored their boats there that gave me the `if it`s good enough for my landlord......` attitude. No they decided to go 500yds and through the lock to moor on the 24hr.

Ok folks tell me i`m wrong if you want i`ll publish any clean comments slating me.


Pip said...

We moored there once with half the boat on the 24 hour moorings and half on the 48hr (or it might have been 14 day, can't remember!), were all on our own, and, having arrrived early afternoon, were told in no uncertain terms the following morning by the mooring warden that he expected us to be gone by lunchtime - jobsworth or what?!!

KevinTOO said...

Flippin' 'eck... how small minded some of these 'officials' are... If you had been causing other boaters problems by overstaying then fair enough guv' but your picture tells it's own story.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Pip/Kevin
In the past years i`ve stopped here it has been on the 14 day behind and the mooring warden was on private moorings opposite. I often spoke to him and he seemed a nice guy and i assume he left the notice. I thought BW had done away with wardens on moorings so perhaps this one is some kind of roaming warden volunteer and not the guy i had spoken to.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs