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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Spending a couple of days at Hawkesbury Jct. so I could take Jaq into Coventry on the bus. In the past I have gone into Coventry by boat but to be quite honest the trip was not very pleasant with rubbish in the canal and mostly run down buildings to view on the way in and on the return trip.

Jaq enjoyed the City as she likes history so the bombed Cathedral and the Medieval timber-framed
buildings some moved from across the city to be preserved in one area.

Also a visit to Ikea was on Jaq`s wish list and as it happened we hit the store just on lunchtime and I must say the food was good and very reasonably priced.  The shopping bag when we left was very light as Jaq has quickly become aware of space constraints on board and limited her purchases to things that Bachelors seem to do without. Well what is wrong with using a wine bottle as a rolling pin!!

Not too long after our return, and while Jaq was in the shower, Paul & Lynne on Piston Broke cruised
by heading for a quiet spot to moor for the w`end. The first fellow bloggers to pass by since our return from USA.

Just adding a photo here and there that bring back memories of my 3 months in exile.

 This is Mt. Ranier and at 14,485` is the highest mountain in Washington State. It is a dormant Volcano. Covered in snow and we were sweltering in 85F.  This is one of the many pics i took as we drove into Seattle.
Snoqualmie Falls has a drop of 280` and the memory this brings is it was the first waterfall of this size I had seen. I am not counting Niagara Falls I visited in 1980 as the width doesn`t produce a compact whole falls close up picture like this.


Mike in Garnet said...

Good greif, Phill had only asked where you were this am. Coventry is her home town!

Les Biggs said...

Hi Mike
Nice place Cov. with lots to see just a shame the trip in by boat is not good.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs