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Monday, May 09, 2011


Left Berko on Friday lunchtime in search of somewhere, not strictly true i knew my destination, quiet for the weekend. Fri/Sat nights can as in any town be busy and the local beer saturated residents noisily making their way home via the towpath sometimes using a line of moored boats as objects of fun can be annoying. Being set adrift or having them banging on the roof as they pass is not for me.

As i left i passed this Aluminium (A loom num to you Jaq) boat. having spent some time talking to the owner it transpired it, the hull that is, started life as a ships lifeboat. He has added the cabin with the intention of bringing another craft to the canal in the form of Stained glass windows and intends to have people aboard on one day tuition sessions.

This old canal building is the most interesting canalside structure in Berko. That open door is the security guards office, close up in the picture below.

A before and after now in the next 2 pics. Above is a picture i took in Dec. 2008 and below the Bridgewater Hire base has gone. There has been a big battle to save this site but it seems the builders are having their way although i`m sure i`ve read that they didn`t get their original big planning application approved, must have a google and see what the story is.

So below is where i spent the weekend in company with 6 horses, 14 geese, 2 swans, some Coots,  
5 ducklings and a Heron that spent a lot of time patrolling the field. Old Mac Les had a farm e i e i  Ok   i`ll shut up. Peaceful and sunny sitting on the front deck with a book or walking the fields and lanes, oh how i miss work, oh how i miss the hustle and bustle, oh how i lie.


Jaqueline Biggs said...

Aluminium or aluminum, hoover or hover; I love you means the same in both of our cultures!

Sarah sandwrson said...

Thanks for a lovely day over the bank holiday all 3 of us had a lovely time and the highlight had to be Oscar jumping into the canal lol take care xxx

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs