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Friday, February 19, 2010


Passing through Berkhamsted has in the past needed a BW key to un-lock the gate paddles owing to the local low life thinking that opening all the paddles and draining pounds - which in turn flooded towpaths lower down- was a great way to pass the time.
At one time, at least 2yrs ago, the lock gates were padlocked by BW each night around 8pm but

l guess to save paying overtime the boater operated locking devices were installed. A very useful system for boaters arriving at or travelling through Berko out of hours. The one pictured above is unique in that it is the only survivor as the use of flimsy chain and poor welding has meant the others have been ripped off only possible i might add when boaters have not locked them after use but merely left the padlock hanging loose. Hopefully BW will have listened to my phone call and replaced them as we don`t want to go back to the old 8pm time restrictions of chaining and padlocking the gates.

The locking device on the top gate ground paddles has at least been a success with no sign of damage to any of them.

A subject came up on Canal Forum about some abandoned work boats on the Marsworth flight and as i have passed through this flight many times i was intrigued as i had not seen them. The little fellow below appeared as i was looking and went off to have a look for me and seeing as he

returned to say he`d found them i thought it only fair he was pictured and given credit for his efforts.
After some difficulty finding an access point from the towpath i was rewarded with the pictures below. It seems they were pulled out on the Wendover Arm that runs close to the top half of Marsworth flight and slid down the embankment possibly in the 1970`s.

Anyone interested to have a look they are just before the cottage towpath side halfway down the flight although access here is not possible owing to water between them and the towpath so go back above the lock and fight your way through the bushes on higher ground.

Startops reservoir at Marsworth pictured below in Sept `09 was so low that i was able to walk

with 2 of the grandchildren all the way round along the beach as they called it. Below in Feb 2010 it was nice to see the water level much higher as this and the other reservoirs feed the canal especially the summit level. A note for fellow boaters a lot of tree cutting is taking place on the path between the reservoirs, chippings can be seen in the lower pic, so like me go gather.

So a nice mooring for a few days but my next move will be to a remote section of canal to cut all the logs i have.

1 comment:

Les Biggs said...

Anonymous said...
This seems such a sad end to boats which, almost certainly, would have meant a great deal to their owners.

Watch out, all us oldies! It may happen to us all yet!

Happy birthday, Jordan.

Fri Feb 19, 09:53:00 PM
Anonymous said...
btw Les, there is a MASSIVE gap between the end of your post and the 'comments' section. Can you 'back space' or 'delete' all this blank area?

Fri Feb 19, 10:59:00 PM
LES said...
Yes i know about the gap it`s caused when i set out the photos etc and sometimes i end up losing some so now i try not to be to clever by editing so just scroll down and like me live with it.

Sat Feb 20, 07:34:00 PM
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