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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Lunch with a view

Spotted these canoist`s at bridge 73 on the Oxford canal where we had stopped for the night to take advantage of a verychildren friendly pub/restaurant called the hungry horse. If you stop with kids be aware the downstairs soft play area leads straight onto the canal bank SO WATCH THEM, it`s a fire reg that the door has to be open in an emergency.

Just sitting on front deck with TV turned so i can watch the match in the fresh air and was doodling some figures and thought someone looking to be a boater might be interested so decided to blog before the ENGLAND game starts.

Started off N.B. VALERIE was a new boat and upto a week ago had done just over 200 hrs, yes i also before i became a boater didn`t realise engine hours NOT miles as on a car were the record of the use a boat has had. So for those 200 or so hours i have used 222 litres of fuel @ an average of 51p a ltr, so about 1 litre an hour. Don`t ask how many miles i have covered as i don`t record it. But if you delve back in the blog you can get an idea. Roughly...............

Hemel Hempstead to marsworth twice down to London back upto Braunston onto Crick and Mkt Harborough back through Braunston to present location RUGBY. Quite a lot of miles and a lot of nice scenery.

Have changed the engine oil twice at a cost of £23 a time and Gearbox oil once at £9. The engine oil filters are purchased through car spares outlets at a much reduced price than chandlery`s in fact half the price in some cases. Fuel filter changed at cost of £6.

So 51p per hour fuel and £61 maintenance. Licence for my 58` boat cost £547 Insurance varies but £250-£350 will get you a fully comp policy that includes contents. Just remembered changed my gas bottle at cost of £17 after 9 weeks use.

So hope that helps someone out there and if you want an honest answer from a virgin live -aboard e mail me. As time goes by things will need replacing such as water pumps in the boat but hopefully later rather than sooner, but of course i have a warranty to full back on of 1 year and the engine is for 2 years. Continuse cruising as i do is much cheaper than running a house. While cruising you generate electricity and lovely hot water. No rates, no tv licence. Burn logs-picked up as i travel- Free heat. Central heating boiler runs off boat fuel 51p ltr but not used much as logs heat boat well.

Anyway i love this life. Where did you eat your lunch today. my typical lunch view is in pic at top.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs