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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well it`s been a while since the last blog and since arriving at croxley near Watford the boat has not moved an inch. There have been several reasons for a continuose cruiser not to cruise, the main one being that Sue and i have parted company. Several times i intended to move on, not to far as i helped my son move, but just could not find the motivation. Anyway today i decided was the day and a move on to Rickmansworth was planned but the heavens opened and i do not do rain cruising. Tomorrow will do, after all this is a lifetime cruise not a 2 week holiday.
Plan is to go down to Wembley area and visit some workmates and show them the boat then turn back heading towards Gayton and meet up with friends. This might mean some long cruising days being single handed but i am now in the frame of mind to get on with life.
While i have been here have had a good walk around the nearby cassiobury park that skirts the canal and was amazed to see a number of pathways have been created through the woods at the edge of the park. I say amazed because i lived in watford some 25 years ago and it certainly was not so pleasent to walk along the canal and the gade with new footbridges created. Well done Watford council. If you come this way stop off between cassio bridge lock 78 and bridge 168. Walk over 168 follow 1st path on left and if you see the fox i have bumped into twice mid-afternoon just say sorry LES sent us.
Right now i have started blogging again will try to keep upto date.


Sue said...

We are sorry to hear that you have parted with Sue.. and wish both you and Sue better fortune in the future. We hope that you both recover quickly from what is probably an upsetting time..

I remember Cassio Park.. Lucy, we think, was almost abducted from there. She went missing for about 5 minutes, most unlike her not to come back after a call from me.. a few weeks later we found an extra collar round her neck that I had not put on her, and wondered if it was put on during that 5 minutes.. nice as it is, I would not walk in that park again.. I do wish Lucy could talk sometimes :)

Keep blogging xx

Unknown said...

Blimmin' 'eck Les that was a bit of a shock.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs