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Monday, February 13, 2006

WHAT a day!!

Moving house is listed as one of the most stressful situations for a great percentage of people. Well, preparing to move to a narrowboat is now right up there in stress factor for us. On Friday last Les sold the van within hours of placing his advert, so we knew we had to arrange transport for today. Fortunately his son was able to help out, so the van duly arrived mid morning. All his boxes and bags loaded in good time, and with Sue frantically 'follerin' the van' down the M1 and avoiding the dreaded 'Magic Roundabout' we arrived to find Phil still not quite ready. (Typical boat builder!!)......but such a nice guy we had to forgive him and does'nt fresh lacquer smell good?
After unloading all aforesaid contents on the path a cuppa was decidedly necessary, only to discover we'd forgotten to bring milk, so Les had to track down the local cow. Boxes started filling up all that beautiful floor, Phil had taken his last minute photos and van returned to base, leaving us to start unpacking. At this point Sue decided there was not enough cupboard space, so next on the 'to do' list is finding those clever additional slidey shelf thingys to add to the HUGE kitchen cupboards. Any tips on whose are best? (ta, in advance!).
Nothing to sit on between emptying one box and starting the next except the steps - God are they hard when you're getting tired, so finally we decided we'd done enough for the first day, retired to the Three Horseshoes for the days special of roast beef and all the trimmings. Just exactly hit the spot!!
Tomorrow, with Les now insured to drive Sue's tiny Polo (tiny compared to the now departed large German tank) will take Sue to what should hopefully be the last few days of commercial work, then return to make up the lovely armchairs and chest of drawers. We plan to stay over on Friday night, have another serious sort out during Saturday, by which time more boxes will have been taken in and dealt with, then convene OPEN DAY on Sunday for family and friends.
We've christened hob, sink and loo, turned on and off the heating and lights, had a quick lesson on all the other switches, guages and stuff and promised Phil we'll read, learn and inwardly digest all the handbooks ready for his exam at the end of the week. 'How to turn the engine on' will surely follow? Then what? Oh boy, is this fun living or what?
We're totally knackered right now, pills are just lightening Sue's headache so its off to bed, and do watch this space.


Sue said...

Ah well done you both... yes it is tough at this stage... "Where on earth am I gonna put it all?" "Gawd I need more space" "How did he start that engine?"

Well when it's all done it will be "What shall we do today... nothing?" "Yep"!!!

Won't be long now.. tomorrow is another day.. xx

Chas and Ann said...

It will be another month before it all disapers into cupboards. Then you will not be able to find that all important item! Every thing will have its place in the end. Do take time off to relax and review the situation. You had the right idea by enjoying a meal at that pub. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Dad & Sue glad to see you are getting everything sorted and i was only to pleased to help out with the van not a problem, anyway we will see you on sunday afternoon.
All the best

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs