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Monday, August 29, 2005


Have just re-turned from a visit to Preston Brook show and am now in an even more confused state of mind. I went for the purpose of viewing the part fitted Liverpool Boats. This has the kitchen & bathroom fitted and working and with extras fitted ie diesel c/heating and an inverter works out about 42k. This would leave me to fit bed box, wardrobe, tv unit in saloon, box in caloriefer, light fittings (wiring tails in place), horn, h`light and flooring throughout plus any other bits i have missed. Now the price of fully fitted on this boat inc my extras comes to about 51k. A difference of 10k. I have no doubt i can fit from the part fit supplied for less than 10k, so am now thinking this over. But at the show i came across Calder Valley dragonfly and was quoted about 52/53k for my spec ie same as L`pool boat fully fitted. The thing is the Calder boat was in my opinion far better quality fit out than the L`pool boat. So now do i go l`pool and save some cash or calder and not worry about fitting out. Or keep looking for a decent used boat although what i have seen so far for 40-45k are not very good considering the difference in price compared to new, also bearing in mind with new i would not have the worry of something going wrong soon after purchase as i would s/hand. Oh well just have to chat some of you boaters on my towpath visits and get some views.


Chas and Ann said...

Your choice now depends on time scales. If your house is sold you need the boat. Will you be looking for a mooring while you do a fitout? If a boat is ready to take away thats the one to have. Chas n Ann

Anonymous said...

Calder Valley Have an ex demo boat listed on their website for 47,000 pound. A good compromise??

Les Biggs said...

Chas & Ann
I have arranged to live with family once the house is sold so am under no pressure to get a boat thankfully. should start proper search as soon as the legal bods have finalised.

Anonymous said...

for gods sake man get on with it by the time you decide you will be too old to enjoy it, the deep end is the best

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs