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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Medical update

On Friday I saw a different consultant/surgeon and he talked of many ways to treat my cancer. Monday is when all the consultants, oncologists, cancer nurses etc  meet to discuss cases  view scans and lay down treatment plans for each of their patients.
So by Tuesday I should know the recommended plan for myself. Good news is it has not metastasized so surgery first might be my route.

Anybody out there recognise this LED torch? We recently had a sort out on the boat and found it in a small basket underneath a small booklet.
Now we can only assume we visited another boater and they lent us the light to see our way home.
It has been a long time since we were aboard another boat after dark so trying to remember is hard.

These three had no qualms about coming aboard one even fed from Jaq`s hand. We think they are young Mandarin Ducks. They originate from China and the male is quite colourful.
One way to stay cool on the Thames.


Ken and Sue nb Cleddau said...

Thanks Les, we will have our head torch back unless you still need it. We have sufficient as I took advantage of a very cheap Tesco offer. We loaned it to you to get back onto your boat at Fenny Stratford in March (?). Love to Jaq
Ken and Sue

The Mechanic AKA. Mick Lomax said...

Glad to see things are moving along with the hospital. I'll get my scalpels sterilised and wait for your call!

Those ducks were quite tame for young ones, must have learnt it from their parents.

Those two lads being dragged behind that boat were not cooling off. They were only told that to get them in the water. The real reason is that they're actually live bait for catching the large Pike that live in the Thames!


Neil Corbett said...

That's very good news, Les
We are both rooting for you.
You are very lucky to have that Jaqs - and she to have you!
Kath & Neil (nb Herbie)

Carol said...

Hello Les, that’s good news! We’ll be thinking of you both on Tuesday - good luck. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. It's good to hear that the medical professionals are moving things forward. You two are never far from my thoughts.

I love the photo of the ducks on the plank!


nb.bobcat said...

Hi Les and Jaq

Here's wishing you plenty of good luck for the future. Only just had a moment to catch up on your blog so if I am a little late in sending you my best wishes I do apologise.

Thinking of you both

Les Biggs said...

Hi ken/Sue
Just think how many times you have been aboard since. You should have said. We shall return it soon we hope.
Les AKA torch thief

Les Biggs said...

Hi Mike
Keep your scalpels in the box mate.
Yes that would be a great way to catch big fish. I wonder if they would do that out at sea.

Les Biggs said...

Neil, Carol, Alistair, Kath
Many thanks. I`m sure it will all work out with good results eventually.

Tom and Jan said...

That sounds very positive Les & Jaq.... Stay focussed!

Tom & Jan

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs