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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

That Tuesday phone call

Well the call came as promised and the cancer nurse gave us the decision of the Monday meeting. The recommendation was for Chemo and/or Radio therapy to shrink the tumour before surgery. The next appointment will be with the therapy team based at another hospital to discuss the type and length of treatment the oncologists recommend is most beneficial.

From what we have gathered so far the surgery might first be a stoma so that the main surgery can heal without having to cope with the waste disposal dept. If more has to be removed from this dept and repair to the bowel becomes impossible the stoma becomes permanent. I am quite happy with this.....disposable bag or my contest.

What I`m not happy about is that we found out from a good source that if I refuse the therapy the surgeon can refuse to operate on the grounds that `it would not be in the patients interest`. So go along with us or................

So a lot of talking to be done with the oncologists and some big decision making to be done.
Last time I visited this hospital was with Valerie in 2000. I`m not looking forward to it but I will have another strong lady by my side.


Heather TakeyTezey said...

Hi Les,

What really matters now is which decision feels right for you.

No patronisation here. It's just that I've been through a similar illness that lasted 4 years.

I know how it feels and all the psychology involved just like Jaq. By rights I shouldn't be here, but I am..

People have told me I've got a guardian angel. Here's hoping you do too.

Best wishes

Heth xx

Anonymous said...

Stay strong Les, You'll beat this.
Jaq and yourself are a formidable team, together you can overcome this one.
In our thoughts.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Les & Jaq

One of my employees had a stoma and the only limitation it caused (for him) was he couldn't wear the standard company radio belt. Instead he carried the radio on a sling belt over one shoulder. Apart from that he appeared to live and work a very normal life.

On a more humorous note, another colleague was diagnosed with bowel cancer and the doctors advised he would have a stoma. When he told his friends one immediately said he wanted to help and would start saving his Tesco bags! The naive comment had us all in stitches. :-)

Good to read you're very positive about the situation!

All the best

Tom & Jan

Sandra said...

Hi Les & Jac

My first reaction when I was told that I needed to have chemo then radiology was that I didn't want it. They gave me a week to think about it. After talking to many people I went ahead with it and mine wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined. When my hair fell out I didn't get upset as I thought I would, just a bit annoyed that it covered clothes chairs pillow and the like. loved the "action man style" when it started growing back. Don't rule anything out. My motto now is keep all the options open. I still have regular check ups but as you know I'm doing just fine, Wishing you well, Take care,

Ian and Karen said...

Big choices to make, but take them together and live through them together, and you'll keep close together. Our love and prayers go with you,
Karen and Ian

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs