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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Coming off the Thames and Mr. C the lodger

Sitting here on a lovely day, the washing line is set up on a fairly wide piece of grass towpath and two machine loads are drying in the mid afternoon sun. We both sit at our laptops; Jaq is answering e-mail and I, having checked in to the canal forums, am now typing this. For all intents and purposes it is a normal enough day on board--but for our temporary lodger Mr. C.  Just three weeks today and he will be gone. Good riddance as well; just turned up out of the blue, paid no rent and expected me to give up everything.
It is said this unwelcome guest shows up years before it is discovered and attempts to take over your life.  Mr C. might have got his way if not for my secret weapon, my little Alaskan who can be as ferocious as a grizzly bear if needed. Thanks for being there Jaq.XX
So the plan was not just to wait for the scalpel wielding  bailiff to evict my lodger. We decided to starve Mr. C. and make him less likely to cause problems pre scalpel. I must be honest at this point and say that if I had still been on my own nothing in my diet would have changed and the lodger would have caused havoc in the plans to remove him.
He has been deprived of anything that might help him settle in and disrupt my normal day to day shall we say movements and cause Mr. Scalpel to adopt a different attack plan.
It seems he is not happy with his diet and has kept a low profile for a while now, I don`t miss feeling his presence and know his days are numbered.
Once again life is good although a post surgery battle to good health is yet to come but we are ready.
Ok so I`ll never be a writer but my mood just led my fingers across the keys.

Before I go on my thanks to you all for the good wishes and comments, it means a lot and gives us both an incentive to blog about this unusual cruise along the wet road.

Today we had our 4 yearly boat safety test (£145 $215) carried out and the boat passed with flying colours. Although on board we have both a smoke and carbon monoxide alarms they are not compulsory. WHY NOT?  Strangely one regulation is that all fuel filling points must clearly identify the fuel in use. So if you put petrol in a diesel engine it will cause problems and a big bill, I did this on a van once. Is this more important than dying in bed because you had no idea the boat was full of  smoke or carbon monoxide.
Tomorrow I have to go for a pre-operation check up. This will be to check general health and get to meet the Ileostomy nurse. After that we have a week and a half before the Radio therapy starts.

The following pictures were taken as we came down the tidal section of the Thames from Teddington to Brentford. It was a very high tide caused by the moon and sun`s gravitational forces and a great deal of the towpath was under water.

This was our last mooring at the rear of Desborough Island Walton upon Thames. I liked this mooring as I found a fiver ($7) laying on the grass after we moored. If you lost it and can describe it you might get it back........but then again.

Teddington lock is big (650`x25`) but not as big as Chittenden Locks in Seattle. The large one is 80` wide and 825` long. Blog post.

Notice the little girl paddling in the pub garden.

That`s all for now. I must say it feels nice to blog something boaty but by the same token I know many of you want the medical updates and I thank you for your concern.


Christina Haight said...


I like hearing the boaty things, its nice that in spite of the freeloading lodger, you both are still moving on with your lives. And leave it to Jaq to use her expertise to choke the life out of Mr. C-better then the surgeon, right? LOL. Anyway take care, and I love the pictures of the places you guys go. I love traveling, but in between trips, I will live vicariously!

I have to ask about the last picture, in your blog looks like the town is flooded, or is it just like that sometimes when you live near a canal?

--Christina, your friend from Seattle!!

Charm said...

I like the whimsical touch, Les.


Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Les your literal oration about Mr C was first class best of luck but with Jaq alongside Mr C is a gonner
you stay in our thoughts Beryl & Dave

Anonymous said...

Too right Les, you need to give Mr C, his notice to quit, with immediate effect. Love J xxxx

Anonymous said...

Some Canadian/US marine websites that
may prove to be interesting:
and you may review happenings under
"Vessel Passage" and various other

is another URL which will pinpoint any ship in the world, click on the square and start looking. Numerous sub URL's as well.

Obviously not the UK however still interesting.

As to your temporary lodger may I
trust once it has left the dual
premises of Les and NB Valerie
we may see more great happenings
from the Alaskan lady and the
courier's narrow boat???

Dragontatoo said...

Glad to hear you're keeping your chin up! Between Mr C & The money's on the bear! Love you both 1000 Swedish Fish!

The Mechanic AKA. Mick Lomax said...

Hi Les & Jaq

Glad to hear things are moving along and that your squatter will be evicted soon. I will try and give you a call before you go in and try a sort out a trip to come down to annoy you with Dave and the C/A.

Speak to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Jaq, Love, please let me take this opportunity to tell you what an AMAZING woman you are. We all do what we have to do, but baby, when the rubber hits the road you get it done! Orinda XXOO

Les Biggs said...

Hi Christina
This part of the Thames is affected by the tides and every now and again there are exceptionally high water levels.
Our normal habitat are the canals that remain level.
I miss Seattle. Say hi to Cliff.

Les Biggs said...

Dragontatoo, Hi Jesse
Yes my money`s on your mom as well.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Bryce
We used one of those tracking sites when Jaq`s possessions were coming to the UK. Fascinating to watch it enter the Panama canal and dock at dozens of places on it`s journey.

Les Biggs said...

Mustn`t let the b...... get us down.

Les Biggs said...

Have to keep positive. Once I let it get to me it might push me down and down. Just a little while longer and it will be no more.

Les Biggs said...

Annon J??
On his way out, no second chance.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Mick
Seems to have taken a while but won`t be long now.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Orinda
Got me an Action Lady for sure. Take care in that work you do.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs