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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Look back at the Thames trip plus latest news

We had a phone call yesterday to say they are going to coordinate the treatment so the surgery follows closely to the end of the Radiotherapy. My questions were as to what surgery do they mean.

Will they just fit a stoma first to avoid a bowel blockage and if so when will the tumour be removed?.
Will both of the above be done in one surgery?.
The answers we are told will be decided in the next few days. It just seems to be dragging on and I think it should have been operated on at least a week ago. I really don`t want something growing inside me. Am I getting panicky or does it normally take this long?

Day to day life is not to bad although some days are better than others. Tiredness has become a daily occurrence and the bloatedness becomes a worry until things start flowing again. Biggest worry is that it all stops before they do the surgery.

The blog post last week featured a post box on Sonning bridge. Sandra commented that the BBC had it on their local news. The BBC has a video of a reporter trying to post a letter from a narrow boat.  It also features in the Daily Mail.
BBC LINK             Daily Mail Link

Looking back through the pictures on the Thames I found this tree that had during it`s

life battled with metal railings and won. Some of the metal rods have been swallowed by the tree.

 The lock keepers shelter from the sun. I think it would change canal cruising for the worse if we had assisted passage at the canal locks.

 One way to travel even in the pouring rain.

 Every now and then something big comes along to remind you this is a river not a canal.

 A young deer came within twenty feet as we sat by a diesel pump in a marina on the R. Wey.

 Windsor has two stations, Windsor Central and Windsor and Eton riverside. They both opened in 1849 but the Great Western Railway`s Central opened just ahead of  the London and South Western`s arrival at riverside. Both were used by Queen Victoria and gave access into London but the most interesting is Central station pictured below. Now re-named Windsor Royal Station it has mostly been given over to shops and restaurants although the structure remains owing to the listed status of the building.

 My modern day picture without the colour shows the building much the same as 100+years back.

The all wood ticket office is now a tourist information centre. Just look at the Victorian craftsmanship that built it all those years ago.

 A young pupil of Eton College in his 3 piece tail suit. Fees now total £32k ($48k) per year. FEES

 I wish the water points on the canals were like this.

The Swan Uppers on their way up the Thames. One lock keeper said it was just a booze cruise nowadays with a few Swans not quick enough to escape  a few inebriated men in funny costumes.


Ian and Karen said...

Remembering you both, keep strong together, our love and prayers go with you.

Anonymous said...

So now, it is hurry up and wait.
Experienced the same except neither radiation nor chemo were first.

Rather, told the two surgeons: get the darn thing out of my body; and if there's anything remaining, then I'll deal with it.

Jaq, make Les a proper crackered dessert after his surgery and
whatever else they do. Gerson may be omitted for at least once!

jercher said...

Waiting has got to be the pits. Please don't stop asking questions until you are comfortable with all of the answers!

You will be fit, strong and lean on the Gorson diet. I remember how quickly the pounds dropped off Jaq before. . .

Sending waves of health, strength and tranquility to you both from across the pond.

You are never far from our thoughts.

Always love,
Jerry and Cheri

Boatwif said...

Hi Les, Just feel I have to comment on the impaled tree photo... absolutely fascinating. Any idea where you saw it? It's the coming across the totally unexpected that travelling slowly by water allows.
We know you are on a very different journey at present - our very best wishes to you for every stage of that journey. Love and virtual hugs, Sue and Ken

Les Biggs said...

Ian and Karen
Many thanks to you both and the hundreds of others both sides of the pond.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Bryce
Yes Mr Gerson can take a break when we get a bit further down the line. I must say the change of diet has been an eye opener.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Jerry/Cheri
Two of the many people I love across the pond. Yes I am feeling good on the diet and am/will ask lots of questions.
Les XXfor Cheri

Les Biggs said...

Hi Sue/Ken
The tree was outside Tesco Reading on the towpath. Might have been more but we only walked one way.
Look forward to seeing you both sometime.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs