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Thursday, August 15, 2013


This mooring just a short distance downstream of Marlow lock was beneath the trees. The front was tied to a tree and the centre line to the tree left of picture. As for the stern that was past any solid bank side and was only accessible from within the boat. We spent 3 days here relaxing on our shady exclusive mooring.

 Less than a mile from our last mooring and having passed through Marlow lock this is Marlow suspension bridge. The church on the right and the weir to the left make this a very picturesque scene.

All Saints Church

Something has captured Jaq's attention--

we stopped on the bridge and took in the view. Something calming about moving water.

 Just one car at a time through the arch.

The bridge was designed by William Tierney Clark and built in 1829. He also designed a larger version that spans the River Danube, connecting the towns on either side: Buda and Pest--Budapest. In the 1950`s Marlow bridge had a major overhaul and now is restricted to local light traffic only.
Marlow High street. Now Jaq would want me to mention to our U.S. readers that the striped lines across the width of the lanes is known over here as...a zebra crossing; not a pedestrian cross walk as in the States but a far flung description of what the marks resemble. We also have what is called a humped zebra crossing, a term which makes Jaq positively hysterical with laughter.  
Good idea. In times of flood the boat is kept away from the bank and rises with the water.
The view from our front deck. The council owned park moorings next to the trees on the left are £11 ($16) per night. Where we are the first 24 hrs are free.

 This guy turned up late and asked if he could moor alongside for the night. Jaq ended up with two bottles of good quality Red wine, handed down to us in an Armani bag. The owner just used the boat for short trips along the Thames he said so I guess it is just a rich man`s toy. They were real nice considerate people.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs