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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cars along and IN the Thames

You wander along through life and things catch your eye but such is the way our lives are on full speed we tend not to take a photo.
When you become a person of leisure the camera gets more use. Of course travelling helps the discovery of these eye catchers not necessarily by water although as you will see being on or near water helps. If it had not  been for the water connection then these photos would just be sitting on a disc among thousands of others I have taken over the years.

Volkswagen Notch circa 1964. Seen one for sale at £10k here and another across the pond at $18k

A novel way to advertise your product, cover the company car with artificial grass.
1903 Ford model A sold for a base price of $750(£500). Extras available were a rear seat or a choice of roof in rubber or leather. Between 1903-05 1750 were made, I wonder how many survived.
Pictured in a car dealers in Marlow they both belong to the showroom owner.
1914 Model `T`   The first rolled out of the Detroit works in 1908 and in the next 19 years Ford produced 15 million vehicles with the Model `T` engine. I think it was this one that has several times taken part in the London-Brighton rally. Over 500 vehicles are expected to take part this 117th year. On the link under introduction you can read the history of the London-Brighton rally. Probably London`s cheapest (free) attraction.
Ok here`s the water connection. It`s based on a Suzuki and comes with a Boat Safety Scheme certificate, I kid you not!  Check out the Dutton  web page and the links towards the bottom of the page, some interesting reading.
It went straight past Nb Valerie. 
But reached the slipway before I arrived. 
For sale from the same maker LINK.  Price seems reasonable but perhaps the insurance might  be high and maintenance is not available just at any garage. Boys toy for sure. I wonder how a BSS tester would get on if you moored on the canal and called him for a test.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs