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Monday, August 12, 2013

A bit more of the Thames

Latest on the health side is I now have the MRI, CT Scan and Endoscopy appointments during the next five days. Again many thanks for all your communications of good wishes that we have received.

This month Canal Boat magazine has an article on composting loos. Both ourselves and George and Carol  on Rock n Roll supplied photos and comments. Funny old subject among boaters is the humble toilet. We all have our views and I suppose it`s one of the more personal decisions of boat design we make.

The Oakley Court hotel

Bray lock.(I think)

Maidenhead railway bridge.

Queuing for Boulters lock

We made it in

Bray film studios famous for the Hammer horror films starring Christopher Lee. There was a plan to demolish the studio or turn it into flats and as you can see decoration not demolition is in progress so I guess the flats got planning permission.

After another hot day we find a spot under the trees  and Jaq is so happy. The Alaskan lady does not like to much heat. Just a rope back and front to a tree is all we need.


Anonymous said...

You two will weather this storm of health concerns as well as the hot weather... I'm sure the anxiety level is very high. Living a day at a time is called for but planning for possible out comes is also useful. Glad you found a little shade for Jaq.
Hot here in Pullman. Lentil festival this weekend. Lentil dishes at the Sage Cafe at the hospital. Hope to have the grand kids with us.

John Witts said...

Useless Information Item 94.

The railway bridge at Maidenhead was at the time the longest brick built span in the world. Lots of people thought it would fall down. The engineer, one I.K.Brunel (who also did some pretty good boats, as well as The Great Western Railway), knew better......

And one of these fine days I am going to publish my mathematical theorem that demonstrates the time it takes a variable number of boaters in a pub to abandon all other topics of conversation in favour of toilets.

Or electrics!


Ken and Sheena said...

Hi Les & Jaq. nice to see you heading upstream again. One thing though... the picture you've captioned "Bray Studios", is what the locals call "Cardboard Castle" (near Marlow lock). It's holiday flats. scaffolding has been up for over a year now. We're on our way back down from Lechlade now. hopefully we'll get that chance for a cup of tea. regards.. Ken & Sheena & Sumo

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs