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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Boats on the River Thames

Just a few pictures of the hundreds of different boats along the River Thames. Even though our trip was suddenly brought to an end we certainly enjoyed it. When things return to normal we hope to finish the trip perhaps this time from the Oxford end.
Nice to do a normal non medical blog.
Ovaltine had a factory on the Grand Union Canal and had a fleet of their own boats.


Steam boat NUNEHAM built for Salter Bros in 1898 and converted to diesel in 1948. In 1983 she was bought back up river having worked the London end and is now back as a steam boat doing regular trips with a 5 piece band. Scroll down the link page for some old pictures and lots of info.

Built 1911 and restored in 1986 Suzy Ann can be hired from the National Trust at Cliveden House on the Thames. First hour £250 ($375) Subsequent hours £140 ($210). Price includes steerer and waiter with up to 12 guests Food and drink is an extra. We shared a lock with this boat with a group of Americans aboard enjoying food and drink. Every where I turn there seems to be an American!!!!

The Royal Barge Gloriana built for the Queen`s diamond jubilee. It`s 94 feet long with 23.5 carat gold leaf used to decorate it. Obviously under it`s electric drive as I can`t see the liveried rowers that supplied the power when the Queen went out recently for a cruise on the Thames.

ALASKA has had an interesting life since being built in 1883. Jaq loved this one being her place
 of birth and is now the second Alaska we have spotted the other being a narrow boat on the canal system. Again some great stuff on the link page.

Sales details HERE

Look at the face of rusty head. Maybe she has had enough of all the men playing boats.

This one is of narrow boat dimensions and is steered from inside. You can see the steerer just forward of the curtained windows. No sign of a tiller but I believe it stays on the river so perhaps this is the preferred option with plenty of river width.

Boats for sale  U.S. readers add 50% and you have a rough $ price

Royal Barge Gloriana hits bridge.

1 comment:

Ken and Sheena said...

Hiya. Possibly rusty head overdid it on the free champers, and was shocked to discover that a boat that small has no onboard toilet facilities. Ha!

Nice pics. Hope you're both doing well.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs