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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Had a nice week at Cow Roast just relaxing and walking. I think winter will be like this longer stops and not so much travelling as in the summer months. Summer is the best time to seek out places like those we have visited this year and i can`t wait till march to really get travelling again. York comes to mind as does Llangollen in Wales but who knows what direction it will be. Beauty is with the rest of your life to travel the system and no ties there is no need to make any plans at the moment.
Travelled down to Croxley near Watford as 2 of the G`children want to stay on board after we go to the fireworks display in cassiobury park and then we will cruise down to Rickmansworth so mum & dad can re-claim them. So as i blog this they are sound asleep not heard a murmer despite all the fireworks going off all around us. Must be all the fresh air made them sleepy plus the fire is throwing out a lot of lovely heat.

This shows my signal strength of 3 bars without any aerial plugged in. Although 3 bars on 3G is good sitting inside a narrowboat the signal could weaken and if like now i am downloading pictures to the blog i could lose the connection and all my work, it has happened.
If 3G is not available in some areas the connection is made automaticaly via GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). The extra signal boost from the aerial will be good when on GPRS as it not as good as 3G.

Now with this aerial plugged in i get an extra bar on the signal strength, so i now have 4 bars which is a big improvement.
I purchased the aerial on e-bay for a cost of £18.49 inc p.p. The item number is 110045925098. This will at least bring you to the site and i have seen these aerials on a BUY IT NOW status previously so they may still be available.
The black aerial pad has a suction pad to stick on window glass and a 2 1/2 metre cable with plug to connect to your office card. I believe they also fit Vodaphone cards but full details will be on the site.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
I always pop in and read your blog, its always fascinating. So you back in 'home terratory' now, you seemed to have gone past Hemel/KingsLangley without me seeing you again lol I walk the dog twice a day somewhere along that stretch but didnt notice you (I guess there isn't a great possibility). But anyway im sure we'll bump into you one day when we finally get our boat next summer
All the best

Les Biggs said...

Hi Les D
Will be going back through your way beginning of next year and you would both be welcome.
Are you c/c on your boat.
Why don`t you start a blog now ?

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs