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Monday, August 25, 2014

Norton Junction

Having come up the lock flight from Braunston and gone through the tunnel we decided to have a few days at Norton Junction where the Leicester Arm of the Grand Union starts. Our mooring was just before the last bridge on the main line before the junction. This gave me access to Long Buckby station(35 minutes walk) and a train to my Urology appointment.

As I said before all was well but just the last few days has seen an appointment turn up for this coming Wednesday for a pre-op check up. Strange as I am due to see the surgeon this coming Friday to tell me the results of my Water soluble contrast enema.
If you remember when Mr. C was cut out the damage was sewn up and this test was to see if anything leaked before the sewage pipe was put back as it was. Anyway the Urology surgeon told me all was good.

Today being a holiday I have no way to check/alter appointments but can only assume the Colorectal surgeon has asked for the pre-op so he can on Friday tell me the results of the leak test and add me to the list for the Stoma reversal surgery.
The plan was to hire a car for the Friday appointment and see family at the same time. Now I might jump on a train for the Wednesday pre-op as I no way want to delay my getting on the waiting list for the surgery. Tuesday and a couple of phone calls will decide my best plan.
A view from the mooring.
Norton Junction. Braunston and our mooring are to the left. Leicester arm straight across and to the right the Buckby flight and downhill all the way to London. Coming from Braunston turning up the arm the view is limited by all the overhanging trees. To the right the maintenance depot has gained some extra boats.
Fourteen vessels taking some mooring space from boaters and reducing the canal to single lane in one place. If your counting the Blue ones are motorised and there are a lot like the one in the foreground, towpath side, hidden amongst the Blue tops.
Looking up the arm
and down. Plenty of width to get through but no clear view of anything coming from the right.
Daft place to put a water point
Time to walk around while the water tank fills. This is a genuine Shepherds hut, well the chassis is. It was rebuilt on an original chassis and is just a bit wider than the original. The lady of the house told me it was used for extra sleeping accommodation. The huts were used by Shepherds during lambing season and were towed into the fields by horse or tractor. Link HERE.
The footbridge replaced a swing bridge and all thats left to see is the guide rail.


Carol said...

Hoping that all goes well on Wednesday and Friday Les. Best wishes to you both. xx

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Les, Our good wishes for your appointments this week. By now, you will have had the Wednesday one - any news?
Interesting that you could get on that waterpoint, by the way - last time we went up there that mooring was taken up by a boat that had a permit for a winter mooring right there!!! We hooked up for water by taking over the bridge hole which was a bit nervewracking in case others wanted to come through.
We are starting our trek south and will be keeping a close eye on your blog to make sure we don't miss you.
Cheers and virtual hugs to you both, Marilyn and David (nb Waka Huia)

Anonymous said...

Keeping our fingers crossed that all went well!! You are never far from our thoughts..1 Much love always! J & C

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Carol and George, Marilyn, Jeri and Cheri,
Many thanks for all your good wished. We so appreciate them and know they make a difference.

We are headed south slowly again towards Cow Roast as the surgeon said the surgery will be sometime in the next two months. It will take an hour and should be quite straight forward.
Love Jaq and LesXX

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs