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Friday, October 04, 2013

It`s in the Bag

Time has marched on albeit slowly which is not surprising as we are chomping at the bit to get poor MR. C out of my body. I say "poor" Mr. C because its days are numbered as are any offspring he may leave behind, although the Radiotherapy is meant to avoid this
We are not 100% convinced on this as the toxic allopathic therapies can and do cause secondary cancers. Our plan after surgery is a strict diet and a regimen of  vitamins, minerals, and supplements to create a densely woven safety net that does not allow cancer to initiate or progress.

Wednesday we attended a meeting with the stoma nurse who explained what would be happening during and after the Ileostomy surgery. She explained about the stoma bag and supplied a pre-operative practise kit, marking on my abdomen the position of the Ileostomy.

The idea of the kit is to get used to fitting the bag and looking after it during emptying and/or changing. The red piece in the picture is meant to imitate the stoma and sticks on you to try fitting the bag. They even supply a little pack of powder, that when placed in the bag with some water, provides one with the sensation of a filled bag. Wearing the bag for 24 hours offers one a good idea of  what one might want to change about your daily lifestyle. I have decided to wear tracksuit jogging pants with an elastic waist which will be easier than jeans and belt.

 If you want to see the piece of body art I am having created use this LINK.  If you really are interested in how my daily routine is going to change over the next few months then have a look on U-Tube for some "changing an Ileostomy  stoma bag videos." I have no problem with it all but think it best not to provide links.

So Monday starts five days of Radiotherapy with the surgery taking place on the 16th and all being well the stoma reversal operation will take place in about 3 months.

Jaq and I know a wonderful person stateside who has a permanent stoma bag and has settled in and got on with life. You know who you are and now we have something else in common in addition to knowing and loving Jaq.

A. in the picture on the right is where Mr. C is hiding and will be cut out.
B. is where the stoma will be joined to the small bowel temporarily until the colon heals.


Jennie said...

Les we both admire how positively you are tackling Mr C and wish you well with the radiotherapy and the op. One of my friends had a stoma fitted as an emergency - not cancer, but due to an horrendous infected abscess at the base of her spine. She was in hospital for around 8 months and very nearly died, but she is fighting on and has been home for almost a year. She still has the stoma (the abscess has still not completely healed - the opening was the size of a dinner plate), but she is coping. You have a very strong lady at your side and a lot of people out here routing for you all the way.

Chris and I got back to Droitwich Spa Marina today - the end of our three week trip. I will get a blog written in due course!

Take care and good luck with it all - track suit bottoms sounds good to me!!

Jennie and Chris

Mike Muir said...

Really glad you have a date settled. Lots of luck, you two.
Mike & Phill, nb GARNET

Charm said...

On the upside, the maintenance workload on your onboard loo will be halved.

Dragontatoo said...

I am now caught up on the last few blog posts. Ben & I will be thinking of you and making extra prayers for pin point precision during the "radiotherapy" and following surgery. Text us asap following surgery to let us know all went as planned. Love you both 1000 Swedish Fish!

Elsie said...

Hi Les and Jaq, thinking of you and wishing you well. love Elsie & Eric

James said...

Hi guys, I hope it all goes well next week. My dad has a permanent bag and gets on fine with it, jeans are no problem he even plays golf a few times a week and has camped all over France this year and he's knocking on for eighty.

The only thing he insists on is taking a bum-bag everywhere with all his kit in and having adequate time and peace in the bathroom to get sorted.

Tom and Jan said...

Les, I admire your courage, positive attitude and determination. With the knowledge and support of Jaq, it looks like Mr C is going to find there's no room for him in your life!

Go for it!

Tom & Jan

Les Biggs said...

Hi Jennie
As I`ve said to folk close by, there`s always someone with more to cope with than yourself. Best to deal with your situation as best you can and be grateful. It`s a bag that will make my day to day life better until the reversal.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Mike
All systems go mate. You take care of yourself as well and we can all meet up sometime.

Les Biggs said...

Hello Charmaine
Yes the composting loo will breath a sigh of relief.
Hope that house re-model is progressing. Jaq says Hi!

Les Biggs said...

Hello Dragontatoo/Jesse
Thanks a million. We both miss you. Tell Mikey boy the hair looks good. Hugs to all the boys.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Elsie
Thankyou. Hope you both are well and that you enjoy your winter lay up.

Les Biggs said...

Hi James/Debbie
Not sure about the waist band but am wearing a bag all weekend to see how things go. Probably will work out if not perhaps some jazzy braces. Time will tell. Bag or not 80 sounds good to me.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Tom/Jan
just can`t wait to see the back of him then the only way is up.

Anonymous said...

Will be thinking about you this week. I'm sure your positive approach to this will make a huge difference, along with Jaq's fantastic support.

Ken and Sheena said...

Relieved to hear that the stoma is intended to be reversible. Appreciate it's better than the alternative. But I imagine it would get in the way of helming a boat, with all the bending, stretching and tugging that entails. Thinking of you both. Regards...

Unknown said...

My mum was 80 when she had her stoma she was a real `lady` and she dealt with it but we never did find the shoes to match lol!
Take care
Carrie x

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs