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Monday, October 28, 2013

Bedside news

Thanks for all thr comments. Just been told the tube into my stomach via myy nose can come out and i can start takink drinks like milk shake and hopefully go on to soup and soft foods after that. All being well i might have the IV lines out soon. Stoma nurse is happy i can handle ythat side of my recovery so things are goig well. We salute you all for your lovely support


Neil Corbett said...

Kath (nb Herbie)

Anonymous said...

Great news.....and trumps 'moving the boat' - which, in its turn, is am amazing triumph! Well done both of you xA

Jacquie said...

Thanks Jaq and Les, yep that was hard to write, it's brought my mood well down today, not sure if this cathartic exercise is the right thing to do, but I suppose life is more on the up now, isn't it. ? No more doom and gloom. And bless you both, you were my angels, and kept me under your wing, just as Les was discovering his hell. And when all this crap was happening we could still laugh and take the piss, and then have a good snivel. It's going to be a massive group hug soon. Thanks for taking the time Jaq as always, I never know how you ever fit it all in, with all you have to do. Speak soon. xxxx

nb piston broke said...

Glad to hear that things are going well hopefully you will be back on board soon with your Jaq to administer lots of love and attention.
Lynne and Paul
previously of nb piston broke

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaq and Les,

I came across your blog accidentally on a long drive home last night (my partner was driving- not me!)

Jaq you may remember us - we met you on the tow path at Cow Roast a few weeks ago - we were looking for a mooring to bring our boat Tarka down to. We haven't moved and are still just above Slapton lock where I think we will stay for the while.

When we met Les had just had his operation - I have thought of you often since then and hoped that all was going well. My step father recently had the same surgery and is now recovering very well and in many respects is almost back to normal.
I have read with interest and amusement your older posts, ( I am supposed to be catching up with my school work - you have been a very welcome distraction!) albeit a little younger than yourselves Martin and I find after ten years of friendship we have unexpectedly been living together for the past eighteen months. Love finds itself in the most unusual of places. :-)

I am sure you are inundated with messages of support, but I know when my family were dealing with a tough time I was nice to know people were thinking of you.

I send you much love and healing wishes and have no doubt that Tarka and Valerie's paths will cross.

Amelia and Martin x x x

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs