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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still iced in and out of water

It was Sunday the on board water tank warned us it would shortly be unable to supply a flow to the taps. Out came the newly bought 23litre water container and trolley. Last time I was iced in by coincidence just a boat length from here I could only manage to buy a 3gallon bucket in Rugby. If     

memory serves me well at the time I needed water then the snow had stopped the buses running. This time my lovely wife located everything we needed in Coventry and the buses were running. So a cup of tea between trips to the tap and the tank has been slowly filling as we, Jaq has taken her turn, put in more each day than we use.

This afternoon a hire boat from Rose at Stretton cut it`s way through the ice. Just how far they intend to go i`m not sure but it might help boats further along to make a move if stuck away from services.

Seeing the thickness of the ice broken by the hire boat i`m inclined to wait a few more days before moving. The temps. are rising so with luck the ice will rapidly disappear.

We have the Barley Mow,with food, beer and Pool just 3 minutes away.  Jaq loves our pubs. A few days ago we went into Rugby and popped into Weatherspoons for lunch. It was Steak club day and the price of under £7 ($10) with a drink--be it coffee, beer or a shot of gin--was a bargain and we both thought the steak was good.

During our enforced stay we have conducted a food survey with the local Moorhens. Latest figures show that they like beetroot, tangerines, tomatoes. Leftover meatloaf providing the gulls are not around was also quickly pounced upon.
Things like carrot and potato peelings tend to be left to one side to be pecked at when we held back their favourites. 


Carol said...

I found that they also like Walkers Sunbites - something and black pepper!

Anonymous said...

It was interesting to atually SEE the ice you and Jaq have been talking about. Thanks for these pics! Glad you finally got to move.


Anonymous said...

Good to see that Lonsdale jacket is still in use lol,good to see all is well....... I've been taught a lot over the last 20 months and feel all the better for it. Love the recipes so keep them coming.....Sarah makes the most wonderfull Italian food being of Italian origin so appreciate good food

Les Biggs said...

Sorry to late to include your findings as i have forwarded my study to the RSPB.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Sally

The ice is not to thick this year but still enough to stop boats moving.
I do miss the smoked Steelhead and the pleasure of eating it in good company.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Andy
Just be a shame to see a good coat go to waste.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs