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Thursday, February 23, 2012

It came up from the depths

Well there we were cruising through Nuneaton having just stopped to buy a pot of cream (I will tell you later), Jaq was down below(later) when it happened. The front of the boat lifted and I immediately went into neutral and heard a scraping as the bow went back and the stern rose. Looking back a burnt out cruiser popped up or at least the hull did.
I phoned BW to report it using the Head office number 01923 201120 as this is no charge on my mobile (cellphone). The alternatives are 0845 6715530 or 0800 4799947 both chargeable on most phones. Why BW can`t provide normal land line numbers is beyond me, the one they have 01923 is a nightmare to get an answer on. The site I usually use to get alternative numbers only has the ones i`ve quoted.
Anyway I did report it but a few days later I was chatting to some BW guys who covered Nuneaton and they had heard nothing but said they would call their yard and get it sorted.

Ok the stop for cream and the reason Jaq was down below is revealed below. It is Chocolate Kahlua cake and the Kahlua is a coffee liqueur. It is heavenly and perhaps  Jaq might post the recipe in the near future if you ask her.

Following some conversations between Helen Gazely of Towpath Talk and  Jaq. We now find ourselves featured  in the March edition of Towpath Talk. Helen evidently reads a lot of blogs and liked our story. Not sure if the hard copy is in the boatyards yet but you can view it here online.   Just put in 92 in the page box  and hit enter.


Ross said...

Ace!!! Got my copy through yesterday.
Don't let the fame go to your heads!

John Witts said...

Post the recipe?

Why not cut to the chase and post us a slice instead?

Address to follow!


Les Biggs said...

LOL! HI Ross,
We will do our level best to continue in a humble manner (but it was pretty cool to be covered in TT!!):)

Les Biggs said...

Well John I would send it in the mail if I thought it would actually make it. I promise however when we all meet up someday I will make you one and deliver it fresh!

Mike Muir said...

nought ter do wit the gateau, which I am sure was delicious, but how often does a hulk get ignored until it is rammed?

Les Biggs said...

Well Mike,
Apparently until it costs BW money directly out of their pockets.
We went right over the top of the sunken cruiser--it sounded like the bottom of NB Val was being sanded.
We mentioned it to our friends Paul and Jenny on NB Brienne and Paul said they passed the same burned out, sunken cruiser over a year ago and called it in to BW at that time. So there ya'go!

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs