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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Entering Chester

The Romans built a fort next to the River Dee in75AD it was known as Deva. In 617 the Saxons captured Chester. Fires, Plagues and Civil war, Chester survived them all upto the most important date in it`s history 1779 when the canal opened down to Nantwich and made my journey possible.

The water tower built in 1850 owned and operated by the Chester water company
and the Steam Mill
together with the Lead Shot tower all stand out on the skyline as you pass through the last 2 locks and enter the city centre. The tower is 168feet high and was built in 1800. it`s purpose was the manufacture of shot some of which was used in the Napolionic wars. Molten lead was poured through a griddle at the top of the tower. Perfectly formed globular lead pellets landed in a wooden vat of water inside the tower. The eyesore on the side of the tower is a lift added in the 1970`s. The works closed in 2001 but is subject to a preservation order so it will remain amongst new housing.
So now moored behind Scooby and Rita on Festina Lente we are adjacent to the city centre and can freely come and go in and around the city with no hotel bill. In case other boaters are wondering all is quiet with no noise or disturbaances 11.30pm and thru the night.


Derek Bird said...

Will not be seeing in Middlewich this time next week then?

Will catch up with you sometime / somewhere

Derek & Carrie

Les Biggs said...

E mail sent

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs