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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Aliens Have Landed and They are Over Here, Among Us!

   In June 1912 Novarupta Volcano, located across the peninsula from Kodiak Island in what is now Katmai National Park, laid down over 700 feet of ash in twenty four hours across forty square miles and created the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes—thousands of fumaroles venting from the ground across the valley.
   On March 27th, 1964 an earthquake struck Alaska. It lasted as long as 5.5 minutes in some places. This was the second largest earthquake ever recorded in the world, and had a magnitude of 9.2 (Mw) , and the largest in North America. The Good Friday quake caused the greatest amount of vertical uplift ever measured. Movement of the ocean floor caused the most disastrous tsunami that ever hit the west coast of the United States and Canada. The largest wave height was 67 meters (220 feet) in the Valdez Inlet at Shoup Bay. I lived through this extreme geological episode as a child of six.
  Alaska is a land of great contrasts. It is 586,000 acres most of which is owned by the U.S. Federal Government. The Last Frontier—its official motto—has 47,300 miles of coastline! Great Britain will fit into Texas three times; Alaska is larger than Texas and three other states. It is a place of extremes in geography, geology, climate, culture, and people. It also a place of strange occurrences. As Alaskan poet Robert Service wrote:
There are strange things done 'neath the midnight sun
By the men who moil for gold.
The arctic trails have their secret tales
That would make your blood run cold.
The northern lights have seen queer sights…
   I have personally had two encounters with what I can only call UFO’s while I lived in the Alaskan bush. Once as a child of eight while my father and I were camped out along a lovely little creek in the bush between Eagle River and Talkeetna in 1966 we spotted a strange, cigar shaped, smooth metal craft hovering low above some electric lines. We jumped in the van and tried to chase it but it shot off--stright up and dissappeared; the second time was a series of sightings in 1981 during the pitch black winter darkness of the Alaskan bush over a period of two months—no electricity nearby and the nearest small town over forty miles away on the other side of the only pass through the Talkeetna Mountains for three hundred and fifty miles.
   “Okaaaay,” you are all saying, “but did you actually see any aliens?” Well no…until now. I have discovered them living amongst here in England--cohabiting with humans who serve their needs.
   They live quietly in the country, away from the light and curiosity of city folk. This particular race of alien creatures all have brown eyes, strange, twitching ears, and skin exhibiting a range of patterns from one uniform shade to different color splotches or patterns. They also have very large, square, bony bodies—like a large box with appendages attached and multiple stomachs with which to digest their prey.
   The male of their species is armed with two large, sharp weapons jutting out from his skull; the females have one rather large breast which hangs down between their legs, making it difficult for them to run far or fast. Unable apparently to master our language, these strange creatures speak with low, baritone to bass range vocalizations with a nasal twang.
   I’ve managed to get some pictures and I am posting them here for all to see….

cow up close

a cow's behind

more cows

milk boxes on the grass

   LOL! See, “I come from the land of the ice and snow with the midnight sun where the cold winds blow…” (Led Zeppelin) and the local species are Grizzly and Black Bears, Wolves, Fox, Moose, Caribou, Musk Oxen, Bison, Wolverines, Lynx, Snowshoe Hare, Ermine, otter, Ptarmigan and five species of Salmon. Cows??? Not so much.
   Our moorings along the Middlewhich arm allowed me to see cows close up for the very first time and they invariably made me giddy with laughter. I mean really, what a crazy evolutional design. They really do resemble large, bony, angular boxes with legs. And whose bizarre idea was one LARGE breast hanging between their back legs…strange creatures indeed.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs