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Friday, April 01, 2011


Ok the blog editor is back after letting the sub-editor feel her feet. The fair sex have a better way of  making announcements than us blokes so i put the blog in the capable hands of Jaq, i won`t say just for one week as it won`t be to long before she will be blogging jointly with me fromNB Valerie.

So now everyone knows  the plans and all that is needed is for all the paperwork that the UK Border Agency need to process Jaq`s visa and we can both live happily ever after. The amount of paperwork is astounding plus the things they want to know even about me, finances,accommodation,proof of length of relationship, it goes on and on. We did get some good tips off the Internet from others having gone through the hoop and one was to present the paperwork in an indexed file to make it easy to process and hopefully add speed to the conclusion. So i`m having to obtain statements from Internet banks and spend ages photo copying (they want originals and copies) the dozens of other requested documents. All be worth it.

So the slow journey south continues and i`m taking the time to carry on with some alterations and boat maintenance.

The washing machine is working and i`ve utilised the space above

Extra cupboard space in the bedroom, just the door to finish it off.

This stretch of canal down to Blisworth opened late 1796 and is slightly longer(just under a mile) than originally planned owing to following the contour and avoiding more heavy earthworks as had been needed at Weedon & Bugbrooke. The biggest challenge was Blisworth tunnel that proved a costly long drawn out construction.
Nb Valerie ontop of the embankment at Weedon
Bloggers are still around and Ian and Karen on NB Tacet stopped the night at Weedon on their way to the Nene. It was a first time meet for us all so it was nice to be able to invite them aboard for a cuppa. Also George and Carol on NB Rock`n`Roll passed by today, probably see more of them as we head in the same direction.


Carol said...

Hi Les, Hadn't read Jaq's posting on your blog when we passed you yesterday afternoon. Many Many congratulations to you both on 'setting the date'and we sincerely hope that all the hoops that you're both asked to jump through will be without further problems. Hope to see you soon - and perhaps meet you both sometime in soon. Carol and George

Les Biggs said...

Hi Carol
many thanks and before this is all done we should be very fit having jumped through all the hoops.
Yes we will all meet.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs