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Friday, April 08, 2011

COSGROVE and Nb Valerie is in print

I set off through Blisworth Tunnel which as usual was a very wet journey with water dripping from the roof and at one point cascading down one of the ventilation shafts. After mooring at Stoke Bruerne for a cuppa i decided to go down the lock flight and moor below the bottom lock just for one night as i wanted to reach a point of easy access to visit the Grandchildren over the weekend. One more short hop to Cosgrove picking up diesel and gas on the way and a night stop gave the chance for a walk along the Great Ouse.

The canal crossing the river here at Cosgrove started in 1800 with 4 locks descending down to the river and the same number bringing the canal back up by the lock at Cosgrove. The river flooding was a cause of delay here and in 1805 an Aqueduct came into use and the 8 locks became redundant.

Luckily the locks were left in situ because in 1808 the Aqueduct collapsed and the locks once again were pressed into service until a temporary wooden structure once again carried the canal across the river.

The present iron trough Aqueduct opened in 1811 and has given good service with minimal maintenance to the present day.

Although the bed of the canal can be plainly seen on both sides of the river no trace of the locks remain and the modern style lock is just in place to show visitors how it looked. Going down the steps by the Aqueduct you can walk along the river into Stony Stratford taking about 30 minutes.

When i took on diesel at Yardley Gobion i picked up a copy of the April issue of Towpath Talk and while at Cosgrove sitting in the sunshine, cup of tea, piece of cake, with my feet up not a care in the world, sorry non

boaters but it`s part of the hardship we boaters suffer on a daily basis. Where was i, ok i opened the paper and there was a picture of NB Valerie featuring in an article on `How green can i be afloat` . Page 89 is the page you need to read the article using`ll work it out. NB Valerie is the right hand picture.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs