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Sunday, December 05, 2010

KNOCK KNOCK anybody there?

Never been one to wish my life away but as far as 2010 is concerned it can`t be over quick enough although to be honest the last 2 months have given me.....well as far as your all concerned it`s given me the push to get back to blogging. What else has happened in those 2 months will be another blog.
Mid April was the last normal blog post shortly after a relationship breakdown within the family hit me real bad and l just handled it badly. All is well now and has been for quite sometime but the blogging feeling just wasn`t there until these last 2 months, yes i know l keep on about those months but patience.

Well as you all know other blogs are available and in the absence of mine you must have gathered that the Water road has frozen over and us water gypsy`s have been imprisoned like Knights in white satin. Never in my 5 yrs afloat have i known it to get this cold and the solid fuel stove has been working overtime to keep the cold at bay.

The windows have once again been given the double glazing treatment with the help of plastic film, See Jan 12th 2010 blog , and heat (hair dryer) and the result is no condensation and no heat loss through the glass together with an almost glass like view out.

The solid wood flooring on board NB Valerie is my next project as my feet get cold as soon as the temperatures drop below freezing. A metal hull sitting in ice is not the best of insulation's and my thoughts having rejected carpet ( to much muck on the towpath in winter) is to add some insulation under foot. Taking up the existing floor to accomplish this is not feasible owing to the built in units gracing it`s surface so my idea is to put down some insulation on the existing floor and then lay a new floor on top. I do love the ease that a wood floor can be mopped over and polished.

Getting iced in brings it`s problems the biggest being fuel both liquid and solid. At the moment i am in Warwickshire - same old Les never saying exactly where- and close to shops so food is no problem while i`ve 2 good legs. Fuel for the stove is adequate at the moment although i have planned ahead in the event that the Fuel boat stays iced in and will not be passing for a while.

Diesel is at at such a low point that i now charge the batteries using my generator as a 5litre can is easy to carry along the towpath to obtain petrol to keep it running. Water is fine as i filled up the day before Mr. Icicle came.

Internet signal is reasonable as is phone and satellite reception so all in all things could be worse and who knows the weather might ease up and everyone can start cruising again.

Ok that will do for a `getting back into it` first blog.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs