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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Fuel Boat and the Chimney Sweep

Two completely different days:  Monday was raining hard as the fuel boat Towcester came alongside.
 Jules and Richard run the service under the name of Jules Fuels. 07740487222. On this section of their run (Stoke Bruerne to Hemel Hempstead) they pass through every four weeks. Not sure about the northern route but I believe it is up to at least Braunston and perhaps further. We appreciate the opportunity to give our custom to working boats. We also appreciate that Jules and Richard's diesel comes with a bio fuel additive already in it that fights diesel bug. We have also been extremely satisfied with the good quality coal they sell.

Today being warm and dry, Jaq decided to let the fire go out and clean the chimney. You have read of my admiration of Jaq`s ability to move the boat for water. Now I must add "chimney sweep" to the list. All I did, actually it was all I could do, was stand by and give directions.
Afterwards Jaq said it was a very satisfying job, seeing the amount of soot that ended up on the floor of the stove after the chimney was scrubbed. All I can say to my fellow male boaters is--can your partner take over the boat if you find yourself incapacitated?  I am so glad Jaq was so quick to take control of NB Valerie three days after arriving in the U. K. and has in the last two years, gone from strength to strength.

On the health front appointments have come through for a follow up exam with the surgeon and a first time appointment with the Urology dept. The latter is to test the flow through the urethra with a view to removing the catheter. This would still leave the small op to correct the urethra problems. These appointments are at the end of this month.

In the meantime the surgery wound is healing well although the catheter is a nuisance hanging inside my pants especially since I can still pee normally, but it might be out soon. As for the stoma, I need to live with it for a few months and then surgery will be scheduled to reverse the procedure.  I find the stoma easy to maintain but question the advice to empty the pouch several times a day but only put on a fresh pouch every two days or so. I am going to use a fresh one daily.


Mike on GARNET said...

Good for you, Jaq! Phill WILL not take the tiller at all, dammned if I know what she will do if I have a wobbly while cruising!
On ann almost related note, 'Fessed up to our GP about being live-aboards, she was OK with that, quite happy to issue 3 months meds at a time and post dated scrips. 2 less worries for us. Les, keep watching the grass grow, and the leaves fall, you are doing fine.

Jacquie said...

It's all in the hand action Jaq !!
I did mine in the summer by Braunston. Bloody hell Les will have you down the mines next. Keep up the good work. xxx

Ken and Sheena said...

I did mine today, and it is indeed, very satisfying to see all the dislodged crud. Glad you can get gas fuel and coal delivered to your boat. I expect that will help a lot in enabling you two to hopefully find some chill out and recuperation time. Best to you both.....

Bryce Le, Burlington Ontario Canada said...

Have two friends who are on permanent stomas due to Crohn's disease. They change the bag daily,it is cheap insurance against nasty possible bugs.
And they always carry a spare pair of collection bags where ever they go, just in case. Both also are scuba divers and the bags fit nicely inside their dry suits, so in your case maybe devise some way of holding the bag so it is less in the way.

Now as to that female tugboat captain, she is worth all the gold in the world. Give her a hug from the giant Canadian (as my friends refer to me at times...).

BTW we've had a trace of snow unlike north of here by an hour's drive where the snow plows and salt trucks are busy working, minus 4 C here this Tuesday night November 12, 2013.

Did you realize the date today could have been written: 11/12/13???

Unknown said...

Hey Les, that's called GIRL POWER!!!!!LOL. You need to get her to black her face up and hire her out for weddings now. Hahahahahaha. Glad you are on the mend though. Take care the two of you. XXX

Anonymous said...

I wish our chimney sweep was as happy in his work!


NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs