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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Onto the Lea navigation.

The first stretch of water from Limehouse Basin is Limehouse cut.

The old dog biscuit factory is now apartments and artists lofts. Not sure of the American connection but start here if you fancy a google investigation.

Bow locks lead into Bow Creek where the Lea flows into the R. Thames. I suppose this means we are now on the R. Lea/Lee Navigation.
 Three mills island in Stratford east London. Good reading Here.
Not sure about the building in the foreground, looks a bit like an ice cream cone.
 This is the Bow back waters arm that goes to the Olympic Stadium and returns to the Lea further along. As you can see it`s closed.

The Orbit  in the Olympic Park is said to be the UK`s tallest art structure. Not sure if I`d call it art. You can now go up to the top by elevator for £15 ($22) and walk the 400 steps down through it`s twisty frame so perhaps it should be called an an expensive exercise machine. It tops out at 377 feet but the viewing platform is just 278 feet.

The Olympic Stadium, love it or hate it. Too late now so all we can do is hope it doesn`t turn into another cash hole like the Millennium Dome/O2 Arena.

 Well a professional graffiti artist is better than the quick spray fly by night artist.
The scenery has still to appear after many hours cruising.
 Edmonton North London bus garage and yes those bus windows are all smashed as are the 2 buses alongside. The fence makes it easy, and that is the towpath this side, but if throwing over the fence is strenuous just further along the main entrance has no gates or fencing so hooligan just walk in to do your worst.

Now the scenery is improving....
spoke to soon and plenty more from here on.


Jacquie said...

Love the " spoke to soon ". Re the Olympic stadium, Lew won't forgive me if I don't mention, that in 3 seasons time, it will be the new home of West Ham United. !! I know you'll sleep better for that news !! Missing you both, xxxx Jacquie

Anonymous said...

Hi Les and Jacquie. Interesting pictures. They are a great reminder of what the canal network was originally built for - to connect the industrial heartlands of the country. It is our fortune that they pass through beautiful rural areas on the way!

Great to hear you are planning to pass my way (Abingdon on Thames) later in the summer.

Keep up the blogging and travel safely.

Cheers, Alistair

James said...

Looking forward to the next instalment. Had a couple of people now say they didn't rate the lea and story, think it may be coming off the London list :)

Any advice re mooring near cassiobury/watford. Need to leave the boat for a couple of days

Unknown said...

The ice cream cone was a replica of the Olympic torch and was built on the greenway as that was one of the routes onto the Olympic park.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs