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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Pulling in at Marsworth for water and rubbish disposal the view had changed dramatically. Almost all the site had been cleared ahead of the builders erecting and I quote;
"12 new stunning dwellings and a sympathetic conversion of a historic building"
They make it sound like they are doing everyone a favour re the historic building but probably wished they had their way and replaced it with more housing had it not been for the planning people.
For now the services are the same but will according to the developers site be modernised with the addition of a pump out machine as an extra.

This is how it looked. To the rear was the old concrete post making factory and the remainder was a working yard for CRT. The building on the far left was used as an office and is the historic building they refer to.

Above some pictures from the developers site. My thanks to Jo on Hadar for the link to the site. The aerial view shows the Grand Union main line on the right and the Aylesbury arm going off to the left. It just won`t be the same but as is always the case we will get used to it.
Next will be the Bulbourne yard. Never I hear you say, it`s full of Grade ll listed buildings. Mmmmm maybe next post I will dig out a link that shows an artists impression with a fancy bridge and a CRT.......NO you need to see this now HERE.
Is nothing safe from the money grabbing developers.

Edit: Perhaps the above link is a little tame. Try this one and see the same Marsworth developer with their impressions of Bulborne.


John Witts said...

Ooh! It all looks absolutely lovely!!!!!

How soon before the buyers of the gentrified new dwellings demand the removal of the nasty, smelly, pikey river gypsies moored at the bottom of their garden?

I reckon we can probably look at days rather than weeks.....

Dont'cha just LURVE progress?


James said...

The developers pic of Bulbourne (as is) is almost identical to the one on the CaRT moorings consultation page. Almost ironic (or was that moronic) :-)

Alf said...

Wot he said !!

Neil Corbett said...

Well I had just logged on to make a very similar comment! They certainly won't want the smell and mess of a rubbish/Elsan area!
Kath (nb Herbie)

Neil Corbett said...

P.S. I have just looked at the link and looking at the Marsworth plans, I may be blind but I don't actually see a service block!! It looks like there are houses right up to the bridge.

Anonymous said...

The only bats in view are those cooupying the minds of the CRT who have taken upon themselves to raise money any way possible.

Suspect Bats In The Belfrey" is the primary problem in both the recently cleared site and the next site in the destructive phase of the CRT.

If something is not required, then the best solution is sell it, demolish and redevelop it for the monied gentry obviously who neither own nor care about narrow boats or the waters they ply

Roger said...

Hi Les

Yup, that will be some nice pleasant moorings up the swanney.

Wonder if the permanents on the other bank will get lose their moorings as well?


Les Biggs said...

Hi John
In the aeriel picture the only visitor moorings are on the right on the towpath. They are at present 14day but CRT propose changing it to 48Hrs.

Les Biggs said...

The left side towpath has long term moorings but they stop short of the bollards for the Aylesbury arm lock.
Opposite the long term moorings start away from the development but there are visitor moorings that will become 48hr.

Les Biggs said...

the services will be as now next to the bridge in the aeriel pic. It will probably have a fancy fence/wall around it but I bet there will only be space for 1 boat at a time. 2 can moor at the moment

Les Biggs said...

sadly this sort of thing is common with lumps of our history being lost or dramatically changed all over the canal system.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs