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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Have you been spotted?

How many times have you been spotted by a waterways patrol officer. Your boat details go into his handheld computer and your sighting is logged via GPS. If like us you just comply with the rules you hardly notice them as they walk or cycle along the towpath.
I did get wondering if they would give me a list for Nb Valerie and so tagged the request onto another e mail to CRT(canal,river trust). Just a few days to reply is very impressive.

The link to the list of sightings is                        The list of codes is

Not much listed in 2006/7 but I assume perhaps the boat checkers of today were not around then with perhaps just an area manager going out occasionally.

EDIT  Both links should now be working, they do for me although slow. Let me know if still a problem and I will try something else to link them. They open as Excel Web app


Nev Wells said...


The link to the sightings takes me to a Hotmail page? I was sighted/ dobbed in recently as I got a call from CaRT about my mooring, not license permit not being displayed. I was waiting for the new permit to arrive after cashing in my Waterlily permit. Not a problem to me, the lady was very polite and I like to think they are being proactive.


Adam said...

Your links take you to a sign in page...

Les Biggs said...

They should both lead to Microsoft Excel web docs although one was not they both should be fine now.

Arphamoe (Dabchick) said...

Still coming up as a sign-in page!

KevinTOO said...

Sorry Les I'm getting the Hotmail 'sign in' page too :(

Anonymous said...

Sadly both links led me to sign up for a HotMail account.

No way for all Macintosh for my computers,
and want nothing to do with Microsoft for any reason. Mind have been Mac based for at least twenty years..

Cold (-11) snowy, windy here, winter will be here for some weeks yet.

Carol said...

still going to hotmail sign-in Les!

PeterS said...

Still going to Hotmail for me. :-(

Les Biggs said...

Sorry everyone maybe it`s working for me as I am signed in to hotmail. Anyway have added them to a new posting.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs