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Sunday, October 30, 2011

What would you miss

Other than the 3 weeks back in May Jaq has now been in the UK for almost 8 weeks and i was looking through some pics and started wondering what she might be missing or not.Without doubt the family comes top of any list.
Daughters Sparky to my left and Jesseca holding  Connor.
Son in law Ben at rear, G`sons Michael & Matthew(front)

For sure Jaq likes our bacon but does miss American bacon, can`t think why!!!! Anyone who has been across the pond will know it`s like our streaky but in my opinion has less meat and they cook it till it`s so hard it might shatter if dropped. I paid top bucks to find some decent stuff while over there.
Jaq discovered Asda streaky and can`t you just see how happy she is.

Now for sure America is a Coffee nation although Jaq`s preferred beverage was Typhoo tea purchased at a premium price at home. Jaq does enjoy a Cappuccino/ Latte and decided to purchase her own machine to bring over here. At the moment her flavour is Amaretto but has yet to find any others in the supermarkets. For a quick fix Jaq has taken to my instant Tesco Gold but the machine is god.
Jaq`s special import
The above things just sprung to mind as i viewed the pictures on the laptop so how about my beautiful new bride tells us more.

Hi Folks,
It's been wonderful meeting everyone whose blogs I've followed from America. As Les and I discussed what I miss the list grew a bit! I crave a good Mexican take away from Nuevo Vallerta or a Chinese take away from the Green Emerald in Pullman. I miss knowing my way 'round the grocery store, chuck roasts ( I know a cow is a cow but this is not a cut I've found available here); canned green Chile's, Lipton Onion Soup mix, and a few other things. I miss people. My family of course and my friends. I miss women-to-women talks and lunches with my best buds.

I definitely don't miss the climate. We sat out in the soft.misty drizzle today, pootling along from Blisworth to near Yardley Gobion. I wanted a mooring out in the country for Samhain.  I don't think it is wise to be a stranger in the village on Halloween. It just invites pranks. Especially somewhere where village life is small,  juveniles are bored and view passing boats as a novelty.

What I love? My husband, who makes me laugh, and our floating home. I love pulling the pins every few days and cruising to wherever. Les gets a certain happy look on his face when he is at the tiller of a moving boat. Now he tells me I get a certain sparkle in my eye when we are readying to cast off and move. I love the kindness of the people we meet on the canals, and the ever changing view out our windows; I love the sweet smell of wood smoke tinged air, rosy cheeks and chilly hands, and coming inside to the warmth of the cabin. And I still love laying in bed at night listening to the wind sigh in the trees, and the barely perceptible gentle rocking of the boat.  


Ross said...

I wish all of you the simple joy of the season reflected like the pale sun in a silver bowl.

Blessed Samhain.


Les Biggs said...

May the Lord and lady watch over you and yours as the wheel of the year turns Ross. You are welcome to tea on board any time if you are in the area and spot us nearby.
Blessed Be!

Adam said...

What a strange coincidence! Adrian really wanted a frothy coffee this weekend, and we were wondering if it was possible to get a frother that sat on the boat hob. I vaguely remembered that my parents used to have a stove-top machine, but wouldn't have known what it was called or even how to begin searching for it. Are they available over here? If so, that's Adrian's Christmas present sorted!

Les Biggs said...

We got ours in usa 87 dollars. I can`t see anywhere in uk it can be bought other than U S companies which will involve shipping.
The above is one link so maybe you can use this to further search.
What a shame we are back in USA nov 2012 and not 2011, we could have brought one back.

Dragontatoo said...

We miss you both too and Les....Mom is the only one I know who cooks her bacon until it shatters when you drop it. The rest of us cook it just until done thru. I was an adult before I realized bacon didn't have to burnt to eat

Les Biggs said...

I think your `just done thru` might be to well done for me. Still each to their own.
Love to the kids.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs