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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oooops I`ve deleted lots of comments

Looking at the dashboard of Blooger i had 1000+ comments and thought i would clear them off not realising they were deleting from the posts.
I assume they have gone forever unless anyone knows otherwise.
A real shame as there were some wonderful comments relating to Jaq and I. Sorry everyone, just posting this quick in case anyone feels offended.
I am back in the UK and will post very soon.


Anonymous said...

Well Les,

Here's your first new comment,, err I'm stuck for words now (most unusual).

So Happy Christmas :)

Makes up for 2 months worth anyway, well it would but a lot's happened since for you, so congrats again...!


Sue said...

If I remember rightly you have moderated comments on your blog, so if you havent deleted the emails that blogger sends you when you have a comment they should all be there, you just need to copy and post them in each of the blogs.

Something you can do while you 'wile away the time'!

Welcome home xx

Sue said...

Oh just to add to that, if you right click and copy link location on the commentators name and paste that into the blog comment name then that will keep their link..

antinady said...

Typical man - see button, must press it!!!!!
See you tomoz x

Maffi said...

Lots, LOTS! I think you meant ALL!


Pip said...

Not just me then, deleting things I shouldn't!!!
Pip xx

Les Biggs said...

Heth, happy new year.

Sue, the e mails have been deleted.

Antinady, It was my button to press, hope your back gets better soon. Take it easy.

Maffi, about 250.

Pip, none of us are perfect.

Sue said...

I have found all your comments and saved them to my computer. I have just saved the one that means the most for you, I will try and save the rest..

Just to prove it..

Julia & Mark said...
Wow! Congratulations to you both.

Mon Feb 14, 08:11:00 AM

I'll work on it tomorrow evening xx

Les Biggs said...

You are an angel. Many thanks.

Sue said...

I have got all the comments since December 2009.

You have quite a few to put on!

You should be able to put them on and retain the links to the commenter's name as well..

Will show you next week when we meet up

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs